Scholarship & tuition


Artists in residence must pay the following fees to benefit from the programme of the Music Chapel:

  • 1,000€ Reservation Fee is a mandatory participation for all artists in residence before the official academic opening;
  • 15,000 € Tuition Fee is due by artists in residence per year for all sections;
  • and a 250€ General deposit at the beginning of the artist’s curriculum (refundable when you definitively leave the Chapel).

Regarding the Tuition Fee, each student can apply for financial assistance, on the basis of proven financial need:

  • the general scholarship provided by the Music Chapel or one of its sponsors can cover most of the tuition, attributed to the artist in residence according to his/her financial background;
  • you can also apply to institutions providing scholarships independently from the Music Chapel: governmental help or private institutions such as BAEF (USA), Vocatio (Belgium), Adami (France).

We remind you that the reservation fees and the deposit are mandatory for all artists in residence and must be paid before the official academic opening.

These scholarships do not cover rent, housing fees or transports.

Click here to download a Scholarship Application Form