Scholarship & tuition


The artistic expenses (fees and salaries of professors and artistic staff) amount to 12.500€ per student per year for all sections, as well as a 250€ general deposit at the beginning of the artist’s curriculum.

Each student can apply for financial assistance, on the basis of proven financial need.

To this end the student will fill out a Scholarship Application Form.

Financial assistance may take the form of an eponymous scholarship provided by a benefactor of the Music Chapel, or a general scholarship provided by the Music Chapel itself, financed by revenues from its endowment funds. The Executive Committee will decide on the scholarship awards (maximum scholarship = 12.000€). If in the sole opinion of the Executive Committee, the student does not adequately support his financial assistance request, he will not be awarded a scholarship.

Artists in Residence can also apply to institutions providing scholarships independently from the Music Chapel.

Click here to download a Scholarship Application Form