MuCH Ensemble

Created in 2016, the MuCH Ensemble revives the initial idea of Queen Elisabeth at the creation of the Music Chapel in 1939, to form an orchestra with the musicians in residence. Today, the formation of the ensemble varies according to the musical projects and brings together artists in residence with prestigious guests such as Giuliano Carmignola, Miguel da Silva, Guy Van Waas, Kerson Leong and Julia Pusker.

The MuCH Ensemble programs chamber music and orchestral works ranging from Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven to the repertoire of the 21st century.

In November 2022, the MuCH Ensemble reunites with Renaud Capuçon in a programme featuring Mozart’s Rondo and Symphony Concertante and Strauss’ Metamorphoses.


Watch the MuCH Ensemble