Saint-Nicolas Concert

Opéra en folie (FR)

11:30 Music Chapel, Studio Haas Teichen

Graciela Morales, soprano
Lisa Willems, soprano
Mathieu Walendzik, baritone
Marie Datcharry, piano
Pablo Becerril Laversin, Clown

Created by Graciela Morales

“Opéra en Folie” is a musical adventure specially designed for children aged 4 and over. Hosted by a cheerful and mischievous clown, this 40-minute recital takes the young audience into the marvellous world of Mozart’s opera, beginning with an amusing presentation of the different types of voice in opera. The clown engages the children in playful vocal games to help them discover the different sounds of opera voices, culminating in a presentation of the characters from Mozart’s most famous operas. The clown tells short stories about characters such as the Queen of the Night from “La Flûte enchantée” or Figaro from “Le Nozze di Figaro”, illustrating them with joyful musical extracts.Juggling and balancing elements are integrated into the show, highlighting the links between opera and the circus world.An entertaining, educational, fun and interactive experience that encourages children to develop their creativity and imagination.


With the support of the Province du Brabant Wallon



* – 26, + 65, unemployed, person with a disability, free under 3 years old
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