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Season 2022-2023

MuCH Waterloo Festival 2023

Music Chapel Gala Concert

MuCH Music Season: Together on Stage

Music Chapel Festival : The Americas

Music Chapel Unique Experience


Season 2021-2022

MuCH Waterloo Festival 2022

Music Chapel Gala Concert

Music Chapel Festival: Bach to Mendelssohn

MuCH Music Season: Metamorphosis

Season 2020-2021

MuCH Waterloo Festival 2021

Music Chapel Gala Concert 2021, Digital Edition

Eté musical 2020

MuCH Music Season 2020-2021

Music Chapel Gala 2020

Season 2019-2020

MuCH Music Season 2019-2020

Music Chapel Festival 2019: Tribute to Ysaÿe

CD release: A Tribute to Ysaÿe

MuCH Waterloo Festival 2019