Notre équipe

  • Executive Committee

Bernard de Launoit, Executive President/CEO
Sophie Gosselin, General Secretary/COO
Anne-Lise Parotte, Artistic Director
Quentin Bogaerts, Financial Director
Laurence Godfraind, Funding Director

  •       Artistic Department

Tel.: +32 2 352 01 12

Natsumi Krischer, Artistic coordination (voice) & enoa contact 

Danaé Baltsavias, Artistic coordination (cello, viola, chamber music & interdisciplinary chamber music), Admissions, Students mediation support

Aurélie Loreau, Artistic coodination (piano & violin) & Auditions

Margaux Davin, Administrative support

  • Concert Department 

Tel +32 2 352 01 14

Bénédicte Bruynseels, Head of Concert Department

Florence Leeman, Project manager & events coordinator (currently out of office)

Laetitia Lauwers, Project Manager & Musicologist

Kyung-sook Langley, Production assistant

Antoine Pulinckx, Stage manager

  •       Communication Department

Tel +32 2 352 01 17

Johanna Filée, Head of Communication Department – Audience management & protocol

Laure Raimondi, External publications & web manager

Lia Navarrete, Community management, In-house media production & graphic design

Jennifer MacEke, Internal publications, audience coordination, merchandising

Jorge Varela, Volunteer assistant

Megane Fontaine, Photographer

Griffe, Graphic & web design (

Wash Productions, Video & livestreams (

  •      Community Projects Department

Géraldine Sax, Coordinator

Mélanie Pelé, Project manager

Ludovic Maertens, Project manager

  •       Membership & Funding Department

Tel +32 2 352 01 16

Elisabeth Bruyns, Private funding coordinator

Sabine Nallet, Corporate funding coordinator

  •       Finance & Administration

Paul Borschette, Administration

Regie Constellation, Bookkeeping (

RSM Belgium,  Financial expertise &  corporate governance  (

  •       Logistics Department

Alain Canivet, Logistics

Lami Tchabebou, Housekeeping staff

Aurore Somme, Housekeeping staff

Muriel Duyck, Piano maintenance