New Album Release - 6th October 2023

Felix Mendelssohn, George Enescu • String Octets

Lorenzo Gatto, Miguel da Silva

Soloists from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

“With fairly soft sonorities and a certain finesse in the phrasing, the interpretation by the soloists of the Queen Elisabeth Chapel stands out for its elegance” Jérôme Bastianelli – Diapason

Halfway between the complicity and subtlety of chamber music and the density and colour of an orchestral ensemble: the String Octet!

The Chapel has chosen to correlate two compositional geniuses: Mendelssohn and Enescu. These works, full of maturity and richness despite being youthful compositions, are echoed here by their stylistic uniqueness.

This project reflects the importance of chamber music and companionship at the heart of the Chapel’s programme. It is therefore only natural that three generations of artists should be involved in recording these masterpieces.


Emmanuel Coppey
Anna Agafia Egholm
Lorenzo Gatto
Luka Ispir
Amia Janicki
Karen Su
Liù Pelliciari*
Edoardo Zosi*


Benedetta Bucci*
Miguel da Silva
Violaine Despeyroux


Riana Anthony
Stefano Cerrato*
Zachary Mowitz

*members of Quartetto Adorno