Instrument loan

Upon request by the student, the Music Chapel makes available for use, free of charge, a number of exceptional violins and bows that belong to the Music Chapel or to private benefactors.

Practical Info

For the loan of exceptional instruments, the Music Chapel will require the borrower to pay 50 percent of the insurance premium of the instrument. When used at revenue-generating performances, 100 percent of the insurance premium will be payable by the borrower. A confidential inventory will be made available to students of the violin section.

The Executive Committee must approve all instrument loans, based on the recommendations of the Artistic Department. Proper documentation will be drawn up and signed by the borrower.

Violins & cellos

The Music Chapel acts as the coordinator between our young soloists and private sponsors that lend us instruments. We then lend these instruments to our musicians, and we act as surety for this loan.

Two violins by Swiss luthier Andreas Hellinge and a cello by the German Haat-Hedlef Uilderks have recently joined the others Stradivarius, Gagliano & Camili instruments that the Music Chapel has already lent to its musicians.


Because we believe it is important for our young musicians to be able to perform on any piano and to be able to adapt, we have pianos of different brands available for them.

In the original Chapel building, students in residence at the Chapel were housed in 20 studios, each equipped with a medium grand piano, so that they could practice in their soundproof room. They also have access to four working studios equipped with a Yamaha or Steinway piano. Moreover, young musicians also have at their disposal the piano, dating from 1910, that belonged to Queen Elisabeth and was made especially for her.

The new Chapel building has two rehearsal studios (two Yamaha pianos in one, and two Steinway pianos in the other), a concert hall equipped with a Steinway concert grand piano, and another concert hall with a Yamaha piano.


Anne-Lise Parotte