Le Salon de Fanny

Music Chapel Festival

19:15 Flagey, Studio 3


« Le cas Fanny Mendelssohn et la musique au 19ème siècle : où sont les femmes ? »

Fauve Bougard, musicologist (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Julia Szproch, soprano
Cagil Cansu Sanlidag, piano
Florence Leeman, actor

Every day, at 7:15 pm, meet Sophie van der Stegen and Xavier Falques in the company of artists from the festival and other surprise guests, to discuss topics related to the theme of the festival, read music and poetry, letters, etc…

This first evening will be an opportunity to discuss the working/life conditions of 19th century women composers: salon culture, the importance of private space, the importance of family support (or lack thereof), domestic issues taking precedence over composition (children, housekeeping, economic problems), the links between genre and type of musical repertoire.
The lecture will be illustrated with texts and music, with the artists Julia Szproch and Cagil Cansu Sanlidag and the actress Florence Leeman.

Fanny’s Salon is a daily cultural event lasting 45 minutes between the two evening concerts, organized in honor of Fanny Mendelssohn. A glass of bubbles will be offered to participants.

And to complete your pleasure, the Poki Poke bar is open every day from 6pm and Saturday at 12pm!

Pumpkin soup, Edamame, mandarins, not to mention the inevitable poke bowls (salmon, chicken, veggie) are on the menu, mouth-watering, the festival-goer!

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Conférence en français.

Free entrance