Les Cris de Bruxelles

@ Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

09:30 Chemin de la Chapelle Musicale, Waterloo

This day is organised by “Les Cris de Bruxelles”, a group of non-profit organisations committed to and convinced of the importance of practising music, and specifically choral singing, from nursery and primary school onwards, with a view to combating exclusion and promoting equal opportunities by making it accessible to all free of charge. Indeed, regular collective practice of classical music, traditional music and jazz from an early age supports the development of the child on various levels. In Belgium, there are a large number of players in the field of choral singing. It seems important to us today to bring together all these actors to share experiences and know-how and to create an inter-professional network (and in the short term a federation) that will carry common interests and will work to defend them with the public authorities.