Brussels Philharmonic & Simone Menezes

Music Chapel Festival
The Americas

20:15 Flagey, Studio 4

Brussels Philharmonic
Simone Menezes, conductor
G. Gershwin: An American in Paris

Brussels Philharmonic
Simone Menezes, conductor
Kerson Leong, violin
E. W. Korngold: Violin Concerto, in D major, op. 35
I. Moderato nobile
II. Romanze
III. Allegro assai vivace

Brussels Philharmonic
Simone Menezes, conductor
Graciela Morales, soprano
H. Villa-Lobos: Bachianas brasileiras No.5, W389-391
I. Ária (Cantilena, A minor)
II. Dança (Martelo, C major)

Brussels Philharmonic
Simone Menezes, conductor
A. Marquez: Danzón No. 2

A. Ginastera: Estancia, op. 8

The Austrian-American Erich Wolfgang Korngold, a child prodigy and successful opera composer in Europe, reached the height of his career in the Hollywood studios. His Violin Concerto (1945), premiered at the end of his career with Warner Bros, is a remarkable reincarnation of his film music in a work for the concert hall. Composed from the themes of four films produced between 1937 and 1939, this nostalgic, almost cinematic concerto appears as a tribute to his years in Hollywood.



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