The Music Chapel recognizes how important it is to support its musicians at the start of their career and help them make a name for themselves. We consider their professional background, highlight their strengths to project the best image to the public, and assist them in planning their career in the long term. The Music Chapel also helps students increase their promotional value using different communication channels, whether the press, television, radio or the Internet so that musicians can have the best exposure possible.


The Music Chapel understands how important it is to use the press to promote its young musicians. Therefore, we help students elaborate on their résumé and press pack. 

Laure Raimondi, in charge of communication, will also assist you in preparing your own complete press pack.



As an institution, the Music Chapel is highly visible on social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn. We will help you develop your online presence to increase your visibility. Sophie van der Stegen, in charge of external and web communication, will assist you in developing your online profile.

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Print promotion

To best promote our soloists, we prepare campaigns using different means of communication. Moreover, the Music Chapel also makes use of print campaign using flyers, posters, street banners, and bus-shelter ads.

Radio broadcasts

The Music Chapel seeks to promote its young musicians through radio broadcasts of their concerts. To do so, we collaborate with the radio stations Musiq3 and Klara. However, we also have our own recordings of our soloists’ concerts.


The Music Chapel promotes its musicians via interviews that are shared online on our YouTube channel.


The Music Chapel assists the students make the necessary DVDs when applying for a competition. Students can ask the Artistic Department for a recording (audio and/or video), provided by the sound engineer with whom the Music Chapel works regularly.

This recording can last a maximum of 1.5 hr and must be motivated. Recordings will be accepted depending on budgets, availabilities of the sounds engineer, and relevance of the recording.