Productions & coproductions

MuCh Creations

MuCH Creations are special projects created by artists in residence & guest artists on the stage of the Music Chapel. These projects include musical theatre, puppet theatre, immersive opera for kids and their families. These projects then travel around the world in various co-productions, such as Théâtre de la Ville du Luxembourg, Gulbenkian Foundation, etc.

If you are interested in producing one of these projects, contact us!

Musical theatre for children (writer and dramaturg: Sophie van der Stegen):
  • Les Contes en chantant (2019): Musical theatre about Fairytales, from Debussy to Disney
  • Maurice, piano & marionnette (2017): Puppet theatre about Maurice Ravel
  • Il était une fois…la Flûte enchantée (2017) Immersive opera for families
  • La (petite) Flûte enchantée (2016)
  • The Mozart Show (written by Humphrey Burton, adapted by Sophie van der Stegen) (2016) Musical Theatre for kids
  • Tchaikovski, mon meilleur ami (2015) musical theatre for kids
  • Le Carnaval des Animaux (2015) a very special version of this very well known piece by the artists of Music Chapel, on a text by Sophie van der Stegen
  • Beethoven & Napoleon (2015) A buffo play about Beethoven, Napoleon, and what did not link them at all.
  • Schubert est amoureux (2014) A musical theatre about Schubert and his famour lieder – for families



  •  Music Chapel Festival 2019 with Brussels Philharmonic
  • Le Silence des Ombres with La Monnaie, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Teatr Wielki-Polich National Opéra
  • Lohengrin de R. Wagner avec La Monnaie