Grégor Chapelle

The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel appoints its new CEO

Brussels, March 28, 2024

The Music Chapel is delighted to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Grégor Chapelle, who will take office on April 29. With extensive leadership experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, Grégor will bring undeniable qualities to ensure the future of the Music Chapel: his dynamism, his capacity for mobilization and his strategic vision. Grégor’s motivation is rooted in his desire to work as a team and to serve beauty, in the haven of peace that is the Music Chapel.

He will succeed Bernard de Launoit who directed the Music Chapel for nearly 20 years and transformed it into an institution that shines throughout the world, under the unconditional sign of musical excellence.

With Grégor’s guidance, the entire MuCH team will continue to create the conditions in which our talented young artists can become the best version of themselves, through deep work on themselves and by learning through companionship.