Interview with Stéphanie Huang by the Engie Foundation

Stéphanie Huang honoured by Queen Paola

Last June, our Artist in Residence, Stéphanie Huang, the ENGIE Foundation’s cellist goddaughter, received an honorary diploma from Queen Paola for her artistic career in Belgium, at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. She will of course be remembered as a finalist in the 2022 Queen Elisabeth Competition.

What is certain is that young Stéphanie Huang will have done her sponsor, the ENGIE Foundation, very proud. Through this high-flying partnership with the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, the ENGIE Foundation wants to show young people that they have to believe in their dreams and work to achieve them!

The Engie Foundation went to meet Stéphanie to ask her 3 questions about her career over the last few years and about the future, of course!

03/07/2023 – The Engie Foundation Article