Music Chapel, a place for welcoming and sharing music

About the situation in Ukraine

Founded in 1939, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel is an international center of musical excellence where talented young artists from around the world come together and live through an intense, open and warm musical experience together with their masters and fellow artists.

At this tragic time in the history of Europe, the Music Chapel strongly condemns the aggression and invasion of the Russian army on Ukrainian territory. The Music Chapel wishes to express its solidarity and compassion with the people of Ukraine for the suffering they have endured since the beginning of hostilities on February, 24.

More than ever, the Music Chapel wishes to remain a place in which to welcome and share music and the universal values attached to music. It is in this spirit that artists of all origins and cultures – whether Ukrainian, Russian or any other nationality among the 28 represented this season and who share these values – are and remain welcome.

We sincerely hope that our public, our private and public partners as well as our patrons will be able to come together around music and its values in a spirit of brotherhood and respect on the occasion of our activities and our MuCH season.