MuCH Digital Concert: 17.06.2020 - 20:00

Lorenzo Gatto & Julien Libeer

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of the Music Chapel,

On behalf of the entire team of the Chapel, I am delighted to announce a major digital concert to conclude our MuCH season, interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis after a final concert on 10 March.

Like all of you, the Chapel has been in lockdown over the past week. Six artists in residence chose to remain on the premises, while the others returned to their families, in Belgium or abroad. To ensure a maximum number of classes went ahead during these unprecedented working conditions, the Music Chapel allowed the Masters to engage in distance learning and to teach their courses online. Although the experience has had the merit of guaranteeing a certain digital continuity, it has not been able to replace knowledge transmission ‘in person’, as music is the art par excellence of physical sharing. We therefore have high hopes that the classes will restart as soon as possible, following the regulations set out by the authorities.

Our MuCH 2019-2020 season having been cut short in March, we have rescheduled certain concerts to the next season, which we are preparing in anticipation of the measures which will come into effect in the performing arts sector. As we look to the future with optimism, we promise that the 2020-2021 season will be rich in wonderful events!

To conclude this season on a friendly ‘note’, we are proposing a ‘live’ concert, broadcast on radio and on your computer screens or any other digital pads. For this unprecedented concert, the artists will perform in the studio without a public, but for you, our dear audience, at home, over the airwaves of Musiq3, Klara and Pickx by Proximus, our website, as well as our YouTube profile and our Facebook page. Follow us, take out a subscription, and get connected for this unique moment which promises to be unforgettable (profile: #musicchapel). This concert is entirely free, however, digital ‘from home’ tickets (prices between €10 and €15) are available on our website to enable you to make a gesture of support for the Music Chapel in this difficult moment in its history. It is also possible to make a more substantial donation on the same platform, at the time you buy your tickets.

The program of this digital concert has been entrusted to two of the Chapel’s major figures over the last 15 years, Lorenzo Gatto, an associate artist and teacher since 2018, and Julien Libeer, an associate artist. These two superb artists recorded the complete works of Beethoven’s sonatas on the Alpha label, and their work has been acclaimed by critics and listeners alike. They will perform, live from the Haas Teichen studio at the Music Chapel, three of the ten sonatas on the occasion of this concert on 17 June. This concert puts the finishing touches to their complete performances of Beethoven’s violin and piano sonatas, and pays tribute to the great composer, whose 250th anniversary, it is fair to say, has been greatly disrupted by the pandemic, as have the concerts scheduled for this occasion.

At the end of the concert, in partnership with Outhere Music, you will have the opportunity to buy the complete Beethoven sonatas, recorded on Alpha and available online. The albums will be signed by the musicians, Lorenzo Gatto and Julien Libeer.

The Music Chapel wishes to thank the artists and the media partners of this concert – Musiq3, Klara and Pickx by Proximus – for the support provided for this broadcast. We hope that you will enjoy an extraordinary musical moment.

Enjoy this MuCH Digital Concert with us!

Bernard de Launoit

CEO-Executive President

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Sophie van der Stegen