CANCELED - Silent Movie - Philippe Marion

Chaplin's short movies

Music Chapel, Studio Haas Teichen

10:00 Guided tour 
11:30 Atelier des Jeunesses Musicales du Brabant Wallon (0 – 3 years)
11:30 Concert (>3 years)

Philippe Marion, piano
Ch. Chaplin: Shoulder Arms (1918)

Ch. Chaplin: The Rink (1916)

Ch. Chaplin: The Immigrant (1917)

For this session of musical accompaniments for silent films, pianist Philippe Marion will focus not on one, but on three Charlie Chaplin films, crossing moods and universes as different as the trenches during the First World War (Shoulder arms), the streets of New York (The Immigrant) or scenes on roller skates (The Rink).

With the support of the Province du Brabant Wallon