Manuel Vioque-Judde

Artist Diploma

20:15 St John's International School

! Takes places in St. John’s International School

Manuel Vioque-Judde, viola
Camerata Nordica

B. Britten: Portrait N°2, for viola & string orchestra

B. Britten: Lachrymae, for viola & string orchestra, op. 48

G. Holst: St. Paul’s Suite, in C major, op. 29, No. 2
I. Jig. Vivace 
II. Ostinato. Presto 
III. Intermezzo. Andante con moto
IV. Finale (The Dargason). Allegro 

K. M. Atterberg: Suite No. 3, for violin, viola and string orchestra, op. 19, No. 1

R. Vaughan Williams: Suite for viola & small orchestra, Group 3

It is a great pleasure to be able to present today this program of English music for viola and string orchestra.

Since I have been in residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, I have enjoyed incredible artistic freedom and a wide range of opportunities to realize projects of all kinds, and today’s concert is a perfect reflection of that.

Over the years, the Chapel has become the place where I have started or extended some of my strongest musical and friendly relationships. With this concert, I have the joy of presenting to the public of the Chapel the Swedish orchestra Camerata Nordica with whom I have been collaborating for a few seasons now and in the months and years to come I have many projects involving “chapel artists” on my calendar in different countries, I am very happy about that.

My meeting with Miguel Da Silva will remain for me one of the most important of these pivotal years when the student musician must become a discovering artist. I was pushed by his advice to experiment and specify always further, to forge my own musical and instrumental convictions.
I met a teacher, but above all a great musician and mentor, thank you for that.

The viola is still an instrument in full mutation and although its role as “magnificent chamber musician” is already well known, many aspects of its personality are still to be invented. The Chapel has supported me in this process and I am delighted to be able to illustrate it with today’s concert.

The two violists Lionel Tertis and Williams Primrose laid the foundations of the viola as we know it today in the first part of the 20th century.
This program, composed of two pieces written for these two musicians, is a tribute to these two great pioneers of the modern viola.

Manuel Vioque-Judde


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Manuel wishes to thank the Baillet Latour Fund for supporting his development during his years at the Music Chapel


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