Le Salon de Fanny

Music Chapel Festival

19:15 Flagey, Studio 3


Back to basics : Bach & Mendelssohn comme symboles d’une culture occidentale à redéfinir

Frank Braley, piano
Florence Leeman, actor

Every day, at 7:15 pm, meet Sophie van der Stegen and Xavier Falques in the company of artists from the festival and other surprise guests, to discuss topics related to the theme of the festival, read music and poetry, letters, etc…

In a way, Mendelssohn is one of the “inventors” of classical music. Until his time, music was only contemporary music, created and played for certain occasions and then forgotten… By exhuming the ancients, as Mendelssohn did with Bach, we witness a structural change in the history of music, similar to what happens in literature, painting or architecture during the Renaissance. Bach and Mendelssohn have thus become monuments of European cultural heritage. We will question the meaning of these symbols and discuss the figure of the “Universal Genius”, which has been much criticized lately, especially by the feminist and Black Lives Matter movements. Frank Braley, the pianist well known to the Chapel’s audience, will bring his vision as a musician to the debate, and his knowledge of literature.
The conference will be illustrated by excerpts read by the actress Florence Leeman.

Fanny’s Salon is a daily cultural event lasting 45 minutes between the two evening concerts, organized in honor of Fanny Mendelssohn. A glass of bubbles will be offered to participants.

And to complete your pleasure, the Poki Poke bar is open every day from 6pm and Saturday at 12pm!

Pumpkin soup, Edamame, mandarins, not to mention the inevitable poke bowls (salmon, chicken, veggie) are on the menu, mouth-watering, the festival-goer!

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Conférence en français.


Free entrance