Beyond Beethoven, Digital Edition - Prestige Concert

Music Chapel Festival 2020

20:00 Livestreaming @Flagey, Studio 4

Livestreaming on our website & on our Facebook page, available on December 4, 2020 at 8pm.

Brussels Philharmonic
Stéphane Denève, conductor
L. van Beethoven: Corolian overture, in c minor, op. 62

Brussels Philharmonic
Stéphane Denève, conductor
Jùlia Pusker, violin
L. van Beethoven: Romance No. 2, in F major,
for violin & orchestra, op. 50

Brussels Philharmonic
Stéphane Denève, conductor
Trio Zadig
L. van Beethoven: Triple Concerto, in C major, for violin, cello, piano & orchestra, op. 56
I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Rondo alla Polacca

Conducted by Stéphane Denève, the Brussels Philharmonic will accompany violinist Jùlia Pusker and Trio Zadig, associated artists of the Music Chapel, for this Prestige concert.

‘Live free or die.’ This motto, made famous by the Jacobins, could also be used to describe the character of Coriolanus and that of Beethoven. For the Roman hero and the composer were equally complex, beings between virtue and pride, freedom and misanthropy – to an extent that was incomprehensible to their contemporaries. Another, more reflective facet of Beethoven emerges in his Romance in F major, with its lyrical and dramatic outbursts. The intimate spirit of this rondo contrasts with the symphonic character of the Triple Concerto, a work at the crossroads of the trio, concerto grosso and solo concerto.


Recording & Livestreaming by Motor Music

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