Benedetta Bucci

Artist Diploma

20:15 Music Chapel, Haas Teichen Studio

Benedetta Bucci, viola
Kojiro Okada, piano
J. Brahms: Sonata No. 2, for viola & piano, in E-flat major, op. 120
I. Allegro amabile
II. Allegro appassionato
III. Andante con moto — Allegro

Benedetta Bucci, viola
Edoardo Zosi, violin
Liù Pelliciari, violin
Stefano Cerrato, cello
L. van Beethoven: String Quartet No. 15, in A minor, op. 132
I. Assai sostenuto – Allegro
II. Allegro ma non tanto
III. Molto adagio
IV. Alla marcia, assai vivace
V. Allegro appassionato 

“This day has a special meaning for me. A period of personal growth is coming to an end. During this period I have met people who have been essential to me, both from a human and a professional point of view.

Nevertheless, I see this day as a starting point rather than the end of something. Even if the programme I have chosen also represents an end, it should be seen as an opportunity that would open a door to the future.

Brahms’ Sonata No. 2, Op. 120, is one of his last works – and thus reflects the last period of his life, during which he reached his highest artistic level. This sonata – divided into three movements – is characterized by an intense sense of nostalgia, which draws the listener into a powerful whirlwind of emotions. Technically, it brings out the best in every instrument involved in the piece.

Beethoven’s Quartet Op. 132 is one of his last works, for he devoted the last years of his life to composing music for string quartet.
The most emblematic movement – of the five – is the third, “Canzona di Ringraziamento offerta alla divinità da un guarito, in modo lidico”. In it, he speaks of the pain caused by his illness and the joy of being cured. Beethoven wanted to express his gratitude to the divine, whom he holds responsible for his recovery.

I hope you enjoy the concert, and I would also like to express my gratitude to my friends and colleagues in the Adorno Quartet, without whom I would not be here today. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to Maestro Da Silva, who has guided me artistically, being so sensitive and professional throughout this time.”

Benedetta Bucci

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Benedetta wishes to thank the Baillet Latour Fund for supporting her development during her years at the Music Chapel.


* – 18, + 65, unemployed, person with a disability, free under 3 years old
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