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The promotion of the artists in residence also notably takes the form of the Music Chapel’s CD collection under the label Outhere.

June 2016: A. Dvořák: Piano Trios Op. 65 & 90 “Dumky”

Outhere Music willingly associates with promising young musicians and is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Busch Trio.

Under the aegis of Alpha Classics and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, the ensemble is embarking on the complete recording of Antonín Dvořák’s chamber music with keyboard. In the first instalment of the project, devoted to Trios Nos. 3, Op. 65 and 4, Op. 90, these chamber players from London give fervent interpretations revealing the Czech composer’s poetry and profundity.

Taking its name from the legendary violinist Adolf Busch (1891-1952), the Trio is made up of young musicians who have already won renown in such prestigious venues as Wigmore Hall, the Edinburgh Festival and Sage Gateshead.

The young ensemble is considered one of the most talented of the new generation, enthusiastically acclaimed by the public and the press alike, and prize winner in major competitions. ‘Most impressive was the group’s effortless musicianship and unity of thought and attack. The threesome even seemed to be breathing in synch,’ wrote The Times after one of their concerts at Wigmore Hall.

With: Busch TrioMathieu van Bellen, violin – Ori Epstein, cello – Omri Epstein, piano

Booklet CD release A. Dvořák

2016: É. Lalo: Complete concertante music

On the occasion of the series devoted to Édouard Lalo in the autumn of 2015, the Palazzetto Bru Zane and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel have established a partnership intended to reveal the composer’s work to the soloists in residence at the Chapel. Six young musicians have been selected to record, after thorough preparatory work, Lalo’s complete concertante music, to be released on the label Alpha. In parallel, these young soloists have been invited to the Lalo festival in Venice to perform the rare Fantaisie-Quintette for piano and strings.

The Palazzetto Bru Zane Centre de musique romantique française seeks to promote the rediscovery of the French musical heritage from the long nineteenth century (1780 to 1920) and to achieve the international recognition it deserves. Established in Venice, in a palace dating from 1695 that has been specially restored to house it, this center is a creation of Fondation Bru.  It combines artistic ambition and scientific excellence, reflecting the humanist spirit that guides the foundation’s actions. The main activities of Palazzetto Bru Zane, conducted in close collaboration with many partners, are research, the publication of scores and books, the production and dissemination of concerts on the international scene, support for pedagogical projects and the publication of recordings.

With: Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Jean-Jacques Kantorow, direction, Vladyslava Luchenko, violin – Ori Epstein, cello – Nathanael Gouin, piano – Woo Hyung Kim, violin – Elina Buksha, violin – Lorenzo Gatto, violin


2013: Saint-Saëns: Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra, Cello & Orchestra

This ambitious project consists of a recording of the complete music for violin and orchestra and cello and orchestra by Saint-Saëns. It marks the beginning of an intensive collaboration between Zig-Zag Territories and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. Accompanied by the Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the Viennese conductor Christian Arming, the young violinists and cellists of the Chapel present not just the most frequently performed concertos of Saint-Saëns, but also a chance to discover such little-known works as the First and Second violin concertos and the Second Cello Concerto

With: Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège– Christian Armingconductor – Adam Krzeszowiec, cello – Pau Codina Masferrer, cello  Noëlle Weidmann, cello – Harriet Langley, violin – Maria Milstein, violin – Liya Petrova, violin –Tatiana Samouil, violin – Elina Buksha, violin – Jolente de Maeyer, violin – Deborah Pae, cello – Wojciech Fudala, cello


2012: É. Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole Sonate – Arlequin – Guitare 

For this sixth volume of Fuga Libera’s collection ‘Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth’, we again find the magnificent Sinfonia Varsovia under the direction of  Augustin Dumay, whose disciple Nikita Boriso-Glebsky has the place of honor, as in the Vieuxtemps set (FUG 575) where he excelled in the 3rd Concerto. Winner of the Sibelius and Fritz Kreisler competitions in 2010, and prizewinner at the Tchaikovsky, Queen Elisabeth and Montreal competitions, Nikita Boriso-Glebsky is one of the surest talents of his generation. Here he offers a particularly welcome program since, alongside the famous, colorful Symphonie espagnole, we find pieces that are infinitely less well known, such as the Sonata for violin and piano in which Jean-Philippe Collard matches the young Russian violinist with sparkling keyboard playing: the occasion to recall that Lalo was a pioneer of chamber music in France.

With: Sinfonia Varsovia – Augustin Dumay, conductor – Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, violin – Philippe Collard, piano


2012: A. Dvořák: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra; Romance for Violin & Orchestra; Four romantic Pieces for Violin & Piano 

Hrachya Avanesyan, winner of the last violin session of the Carl Nielsen Competition in Denmark, is a violinist of great caracter. Based in Belgium, where he followed the classes of Augustin Dumay at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel; he recorded the second Violin Concerto of Henri Vieuxtemps for Fuga Libera on a remarkable album (FUG575) in which his participation shone as bright as that of his musical partners. His feverish touch and intense sense for music are perfectly suited to the music of Antonín Dvořák, especially when it is distilled by such extraordinary artists: in the Romance and in the concerto – a work of art often forgotten – Sinfonia Varsovia answers the injunctions of Augustin Dumay like a single Stradivarius. Marianna Shirinyan, who already has an impressive career behind her in Scandinavia and Germany, is just as convincing in the adorable Romantic Pieces. This album is a new milestone in Fuga Libera’s Collection of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel recordings that led to the revelation of artists such as Plamena Mangova and Trio Dali.

With: Sinfonia Varsovia – Augustin Dumay, violin – Hrachya  Avanesyan,  violin – Marianna Shiranyan, piano 

2011: H. Vieuxtemps: Complete Violin Concertos

This is really an event in the world of recordings. Producing all of Vieuxtemps’ seven violin concertos is quite an undertaking. Too much for a single person? It may be. For Augustin Dumay, master teacher-in-residence at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, however, this was the opportunity to pay tribute to the vitality of the Franco-Belgian school, the substance of which he learned through his master Arthur Grumiaux. The task was taken up by seven young virtuosos he has taught, several of whom have already distinguished themselves in major international competitions. This is the result, impressive by its commitment and mastery, registered in the beautiful hall of the Liège Philharmonic, where the orchestra plays Vieuxtemps « in its own backyard » under the expert baton of Patrick Davin. This attractive box of 3 CDs is also the opportunity to retrace Vieuxtemps’ extraordinary career, often reduced to mere virtuosity when in fact he pursued a search for expression and content all his life. This is a hymn to the violin, to belcanto, panache, romanticism, transcending virtuosity and youth we find here, in this fourth volume in the collection « Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth », under the label Fuga Libera. It follows in a beautiful series of titles that met with the enthusiasm of many listeners: Plamena Mangova (FUG517), Miloš Popović (FUG529) and Trio Dali (FUG547).

With: Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège – Patrick Davin, conductorNikita Boriso-Glebsky, violin – Hrachya Avanesyan, violin – Lorenzo Gatto, violin – Vineta Sareika, violin – Jolente De Maeyer, violin – Yossif Ivanov, violin – Harriet Langley, violin.


2011: F. Schubert: Chamber Music: Trios, Sonate Arpeggione, Fantaisie 

In their first CD already (Maurice Ravel, chamber music – Fuga Libera FUG547 – Diapason d’Or, CHOC of the year 2009 in Classica), the Dali trio has shown a remarkable balance between the impulsiveness of youth, a superior technique and the maturity acquired with the best masters – Augustin Dumay, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, the Artemis Quartet– at Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth. The individual qualities of its three members enable them to take on sonatas just as effectively as trios. This is the format adopted here in another summit of chamber music, Schubert’s two piano trios and the two traditional stumbling blocks for violinists, cellists and pianists: the Arpeggione and the Fantasy in C major. If the Arpeggione, marvelously interpreted here, is not a rarely played piece, the Fantasy on the other hand certainly is : discarded from most recitals because of its difficulty, this masterpiece had however been written in December 1827, straight after the Trio in E flat ! This double album, recorded once again in the magical Studio 4 at Flagey in Brussels, ought to demonstrate that the Dali are now definitely playing in the best league. Production Partners : Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, Flagey.

With: Trio Dali (Amandine Savary, Vineta Sareika, Christian-Pierre La Marca)

le choix de  Editor choice  de classica

2009: M. Ravel : Trio – Sonata for violin & cello – Sonata for violin & piano

In residence at Music Chapel with the Artemis quartet, the Dali trio is a French ensemble of an exceptional level, rewarded with numerous prizes in Japan, Germany and the Unites-States in 2008. Amandine Savary, Vineta Sareika and Christian-Pierre La Marca, adding to their intense solo schedule, devote a large part of their wonderful energy to make up the trio, which is already leading them to the four corners of the world. By capturing the brilliance of their youthfulness, the subtleties of their tones, and their apparently endless quest for perfection, Fuga Libera and Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth have cooperated to make known one of tomorrow’s great trios, in a repertoire comprising three summits of Maurice Ravel’s production.

With: Trio Dali (Amandine Savary, Vineta Sareika, Christian-Pierre La Marca)

choc Diapason d 'or Exceptional  la clef  le monde de la musique  R10

2007: D. Chostakovitch: Sonata No. 2 – 24 Preludes 

Recorded in Flagey’s unsurpassable Studio N4 in Brussels, here’s the first CD of the new Music Chapel collection in Fuga Libera’s catalogue. The prestigious establishment could not have taken a better choice : Plamena Mangova, a pupil of Marina Kapatsinskaja, Dmitri Bashkirov and Abdel-Rahman El Bacha, is more than full of promise: her talent bursts forth in an incredible way in this magnificent program devoted to Dmitri Shostakovich. Two masterworks are here brought to light, thanks to a mixture of strength and sweetness, of technical mastery and lyricism which are the marks of the true great ones. In May 2007, Plamena has been 2d laureate of the International Queen Elisabeth Music Competition of Belgium.

With: Plamena Mangova, piano

diapason découverte  joker  diapason d or

2006: R. Schumann : Drei Romanzen op. 28 – Sonata, op. 11 – Kinderszenen, op. 15

The first cd of the Music Chapel collection at Fuga Libera has let discover Plamena Mangova in her Shostakovich recital: critical acclaim (and awards such as Diapason d’Or or Joker of Crescendo) came quickly reward the high level of the students who come out of the famous institute. Now it is the turn of Miloš Popović, a young Belgo-Serbian pianist, pupil of Eugene Moguilevsky and Abdel-Rahman El Bacha, who presents a particularily striking Schumann programme. The whole range of qualities expected from a Schumanian is well here, with, as a bonus, the privilege and fearlessness of the youth, that gives their long breath to these well known and lesser known scores, loaded with the purest German romanticism

With: Miloš Popović , piano