Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Her Majesty Queen Paola
Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

Music Chapel on Tour : Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage

♦ September 2016 – 5th Edition: Lisboa to Barcelona ♦

Lisboa – Sevilla – Tanger – Granada – Menorca – Barcelona

In 2016, the Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage will leave Lisbon on Friday 9th September and arrive in Barcelona on Friday 16th September. The ship will call at Seville (concert on land), Tanger (concert on land) Granada, (concert on land), and Menorca (concert on land). The artistic team will assemble, like every year, masters supervising around ten young solists in residence at Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel as well as international renowned solists.

En 2016, le Voyage Musical Reine Elisabeth débutera à Lisbonne, le vendredi 9 septembre, pour s’achever à Barcelone le vendredi 16 septembre 2016. Des escales sont prévues à Séville (concert à terre), à Tanger (concert à terre), à Grenade (concert à terre) et à Minorque (concert à terre). Le plateau artistique rassemblera, comme chaque année, des Maîtres encadrant une dizaine de jeunes solistes en Résidence à Chapelle Musicale ainsi que des solistes de renommée internationale.

In 2016 zal de Muzikale Reis Koningin Elisabeth vertrekken op vrijdag 9 september in Lissabon en eindigen in Barcelona op vrijdag 16 september 2016. Onderweg leggen we aan in Sevilla (concert aan land), Tanger (concert aan land), Granada (concert aan land) en Menorca (concert aan land). Het artistiek plateau zal, zoals elk jaar, bestaan uit enkele Meesters en een tiental jonge solisten in Residentie van de Muziekkapel Koningin Elisabeth alsook uit enkele internationaal gerenommeerde solisten. 

Christopher Warren-Green, conductor
Hervé Niquet, conductor
Orquestra Gulbenkian
Vlaamse Radio Koor

Miguel da Silva, viola
Augustin Dumay, violin
Gary Hoffman, cello
Maria João Pires, piano
José van Dam, baritone
Piotr Anderszewski, piano
Anne-Catherine Gillet, soprano
Miyaghi Osada, contralto
Alexandra Cooreman, violin
Bertrand Duby, bass
Ori Epstein, cello
Kerson Leong
, violin
Hélène Desaint
, viola
Jeong Hyoun Lee
, cello
Kaito Kobayashi
, piano
Nathanael Gouin
, piano
Julia Szproch
, soprano
Denzil Delaere
, tenor
Leon Koṧavić
, baritone
Gijs Van der Linden, tenor

Busch Trio: 
Mathieu van Bellen, violin
Ori Epstein, cello
Omri Epstein, piano

Michel Serres, philosopher
Marcel Quillévéré, speaker
Pierre Marcolini, master chocolatier

Musical program FR -NL -EN Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage 2016Programme DE – ES – PO Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage 2016

In collaboration with Pasteels

♦ September 2013 – 4th Edition: Barcelona to Roma ♦

Barcelona – Palma de Mallorca – Susa – Malta – Salina – Ravello – Roma

In 2013, the Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage will leave Barcelona on Tuesday 17 September and arrive in Rome on Tuesday 24 September. The ship will call at Palma (Majorca) (2 concerts on land), Tunisia (1 concert on land), Malta (1 concert on land), the Aeolian Islands (2 concerts on land) and Ravello (1 concert on land).

The Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage has been designed to unite a love of music with the art of discovery. This takes place in the form of a cruise on a small comfortably sized passenger ship (with about 300 passengers). Its aim is to provide a group of informed music lovers with the opportunity to explore the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel from the inside, together with rich and emotive musical experiences, in line with a superb spirit of companionship. For a whole week, several masters in residence and several guest soloists, approximately ten young soloists in residence at the Music Chapel and one of the best chamber orchestras in the world combine their talents to deliver to an enthusiastic audience, meetings, rehearsals, master classes and two daily concerts – one on board, the other on land, always at an exceptional location. The ‘Silver Wind’, one of today’s finest cruising ships, is an excellent foil to the artistic content of the voyage. This elegant and spacious yacht offers its 200 music-loving passengers the best of comfort, and is indeed, a veritable art of living.

Sinfonia Varsovia – Vlaams Radio Koor
Christopher  Warren-Green, conductor
Frank Braley, piano
Augustin Dumay, violin
Abdel Rahman El Bacha, piano
Gary Hoffman, cello
Serguei Nakariarov, trumpet
Kate Royal, soprano
Soloists of the Music Chapel:
Elina Buksha, violin – Harriet Langley, violin – Deborah Pae, cello – Esther Yoo, violin – Julien Libeer, piano
Sonja Volten, soprano – Sarah Laulan, mezzo-soprano – Yu Shao, tenor – Charles Dekeyser, bass

PROGRAM Musical Voyage 2013 EN

PICTURES – Music Chapel on Tour – 2013

♦ September 2011 – 3rd Edition: Istanbul to Athens ♦

Istanbul- Kusadasi (Ephesus) – Rhodes – Santorini – Nafplion – Athens 

After the success of the 2007 and 2009 editions, the “Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage” is back and better than ever, once again establishing itself as a must for all music lovers. Having travelled in the coast of Libya back in 2007 and the Jewels of the Adriatic in 2009, the 3rd edition of the “Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage” lets you explore the crossroad of civilisations of the West and the Orient. From Istanbul to Athens, we can guarantee you that this voyage, plunging you into the very essence of music through the coming together of young talents and established artists, will offer you moments full of emotion, and memories which will remain etched in your mind forever!

Relax on board while our orchestra, Masters in residence, guest artists and the young soloists from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel invite you to intimate encounters, rehearsals, 2 daily concerts and a range of other surprises… Your vessel, the Silver Wind, like the performances on stage on board, will not disappoint. Both the members of the crew and everyone from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and Pasteels, will not stop short of anything to fulfil your every wish and make this cruise an unforgettable experience in every sense of the word. We are here to serve you, and together we would like to wish you fair winds, following seas and a voyage full of musical and sightseeing delights.

Sinfonia Varsovia
Christopher Warren-Green, conductor
Jean-Claude Casadesus, conductor
June Anderson, soprano – Abdel Rahman El Bacha, piano – Amalia Avilán, soprano – José van Dam, baritone – Mertol Demirelli, piano – Augustin Dumay, violin – Lorenzo Gatto, violin – Pavel Gomziakov, cello – Stefania Jankova, viola – Louis Lortie, piano – Anaik Morel, mezzo-soprano – Sébastien Parotte, baritone – Liya Petrova, violin – Philippe Riga, piano – Giovanni Tristacci, tenor
Avanesyan Trio

PROGRAM Musical Voyage 2011 EN

PICTURES – Music Chapel on Tour – 2011

♦ September 2009 – 2nd Edition : Venice to Venice ♦

Venice – Rovinj – Dubrovnik – Corfu – Bari – Split – Trieste (Duino) – Venice 

After the first Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage on the Mediterranean in October 2007, here we are, together again, eminent artists, young talents, and music lovers, for a week of an intense adventure. Aboard the magnificent Silver Whisper, we want to have you share unforgettable moments with a rich program of symphonic, concertante and voice music, recitals, chamber music, meetings with the artists, rehearsals, lectures and gastronomic experiences, on the beautiful Adriatic. Venice, Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Bari and Trieste will serve as bridgeheads to historic sites and their hidden treasures, in search for unique concert venues …

The particular feature of this musical voyage stems from the very essence of the Queen Elisabeth College of Music: the quest for excellence and companionship! The magic of this musical voyage is created by our eleven world class artists, including four masters in residence at the College, fourteen young talented musicians, and one of the world’s finest orchestras, the Sinfonia Varsovia (thirty-eight musicians in all!), and to finish, the Vlaams Radio Koor: all will have you share their passion and their desire to convey their art. And this voyage is today a reality thanks to you, a quality audience of loyal music lovers.

Abdel Rahman El Bacha – Augustin Dumay – José van Dam – Artemis Quartet
Piotr Anderszewski – Szabolcs Brickner – Anne Hermant – Louis Lortie – Maxim Rysanov – Béatrice Uria-Monzon – Jian Wang – Christopher Warren-Green

Sinfonia Varsovia
Vlaams Radio Koor
Soloists of the Queen Elisabeth College of Music:
Hrachya Avanesyan – Nikita Borisoglebsky – Soumaya Hallak – Helen Kearns – Christian-Pierre La Marca – Anneke Luyten – Sébastien Parotte -Ksenia Morozova – Vineta Sareika – Amandine Savary- Tercea Quartet – Dali Trio
Philipe Riga

PROGRAM Musical Voyage 2009 EN

PICTURES – Music Chapel on Tour – 2009

♦ September 2007 – First Edition : Monte Carlo to Roma ♦

Monte Carlo – Malta (Valletta) – Tripoli (Sabratha) – Al Khoms (Leptis Magna) – Taormina – Naples (Ischia) – Roma

Nous y sommes! Après 18 mois d’élaboration et de préparation minutieuse, la Chapelle Musicale, ses musiciens et ses mélomanes avertis embarquent pour une semaine de passion et de découverte. La passion de la musique anime tous ceux qui se joignent au voyage: les artistes invités bien sûr, tous au sommet de leur art: Maria Joao Pires, Christopher Warren Green & Jean-Bernard Pommier, Jian Wang ainsi que trois maîtres en résidence, Augustin Dumay, Abdel Rahman El Bacha et José Van Dam. Douze jeunes solistes magnifiquement doués, plongés ici dans une expérience musicale et humaine déterminante. Le Sinfonia Varsovia: fleuron des orchestres internationaux de jeunes, totalement impliqué dans l’aventure. Un public de mélomanes de qualité: vous, pour lesquels toute cette croisière fut imaginée, avec ses rencontres, ses partages, ses émerveillements.

Ce Voyage Musical associe également la musique à un environnement significatif: des sites exceptionnels par leur beauté, leur histoire et leur ouverture à l’art, un navire où tout est confort et raffinement, une ouverture aux arts de la table grâce à la venue d’Alain Deluc et de Pierre Marcolini. Autant d’éléments qui symbolisent le niveau de qualité et d’exigence auquel nous plaçons notre projet pédagogique. Notre plus grand souhait étant que ce voyage, aux allures emblématiques, jette les bases d’une fidélité nouvelle entre les mélomanes et les jeunes musiciens, entre le grand public et la musique. Prenons le large tous ensemble!

Lise Berthaud, alto
Augustin Dumay, violon
Abdel Rahman El Bacha, piano
Maria João Pires, piano`
Jean-Bernard Pommier, chef d’orchestre
José van Dam, baryton basse
Jian Wang, violoncelle
Christopher Warren-Green, chef d’orchestre
Salvator Dali Trio, trio à clavier
Talar Dekrmanjian, soprano
Annelies Dille, mezzo-soprano
Yossif Ivanov, violon
Piamena Mangova, piano
ChristianPierre La Marca, violoncelle
Zeno Popescu, ténor
Milos Popovic, piano
Vineta Sareika, violon
Amandine Savary, piano
Tomoko Taguchi, soprano
Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra

PROGRAM Musical Voyage 2007 EN

PICTURES – Music Chapel on Tour – 2007