The MusicChapel is proud to introduce the new project of Maria João Pires, entitled Partitura Project, which she initiated some months ago inside of the MusicChapel. This project is now really taking off with the collaboration of Askonas Holt. Indeed, over the coming seasons, Maria João Pires will be performing recitals with gifted young pianists, sharing the stage with them.

The aim of this project is to create an altruistic dynamic between artists of different generations and to offer an alternative in a world too often focused on competitiveness. You can find all information about the Partitura Project on our webpage here.

Upcoming Partitura Concerts:

28.08.2014 and 29.08.2014: Recital, Philharmonic Hall, WARSAW with Julien Brocal (see the webpage here)

17 .09.2014: Recital, Pune, with Julien Brocal

21.09.2014: Recital, Mumbai, with Julien Brocal and Ashot Khachatourian

05.11.2014: Concert, Conservatorio G.Verdi, Torino, with Orchestra da Camera di Mantova, Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, conductor and Lilit Grigoryan, piano

15.01.2015: Concert, Cadogan Hall, London, with London Chamber Orchestra; Christopher Warren-Green, conductor and Ashot Khachatourian, piano

26.01.2015: Evening Recital, Auditorio de Tenerife, Tenerife, with Julien Brocal, piano

28.01.2015: Recital, Auditorio Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, with with Julien Brocal, piano

5.02.2015: Recital, Auditorio Nacional de Musica, Madrid, with Julien Libeer, piano

Stay updated about Partitura by going online on our agenda, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube #Partitura 

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