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Music Chapel Festival

Music Chapel Festival 2018

9th edition: Music & Movies

05>08.12.2018 @Flagey

Full program:

The 9th edition of the Music Chapel Festival, “Music & Movies”, underlines the indissoluble connection between cinema and music. The festival’s “in” program presents at least one work per concert that reminds music-lovers and film-lovers of the extent to which music is an integral part of film-making. The festival’s “off” program explores the various facets of this theme, in collaboration with Cinematek, and consists of live talks, debates, workshops of the Jeunesses Musicales, screenings, guided tours, etc.

Cinema is in the spotlights during this festival, through iconic works from the repertoire used in the biggest movies of those past decades: the Clarinet Concerto in  A major from W. A. Mozart in the remarkable Out of Africa, the String Trio No. 2 from F. Schubert in S. Kubrick‘s Barry Lyndon, or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from P. Dukas in Disney’s classic Fantasia.  You’ll also hear works from famous cinema composers, like the Psycho Suite from B. Herrmann, composed for A. Hitchkock‘s Psycho, A. & E. Morricone‘s Cinema Paradiso Theme from Cinema Paradiso, but also an European Premiere of J. Williams‘ (composer of many masterpieces for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Schindler’s List, Harry Potter, E.T., Les dents de la mer, among others) last work, Highwoods Ghosts.

Come listen to leading names such as Frank Braley, Paul Meyer, Raphaël Feye & Julien Libeer, Nir Kabaretti, Stéphane Denève , as well as Gary Hoffman, Louis Lortie & Augustin Dumay, accompanied by great orchestras and ensembles such as ORCW, Le Métamorphoses Orchestra, OPRL or BruPhi.

Check out the program on our agenda

Festival pass: 90€ – 80€ – 50€ – 60€ for MuCH subscribers

Music Chapel Festival 2017

8th Edition: Duo
6>10.12.2017 @Flagey


The 8th edition of the Music Chapel Festival, in partnership with Flagey, will take place from 6 until 10 December 2017 and is devoted to the
repertoire’s great “duos”, the perfect illustration of two principles that are dear to the Music Chapel, the act of sharing the stage and the
transmission of knowledge.
Leading names such as Renaud Capuçon, Frank Braley, José Van Dam, Giuliano Carmignola, Augustin Dumay, the Jerusalem Quartet, Gary
Hoffman and Miguel da Silva, recitals, chamber music and key works from the repertoire such as the double concertos of Bach, Mozart
and Mendelsohn (with the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia), the major opera repertoire (with the orchestra of the Royal Opera of
Wallonia), Vivaldi’s double concertos (MuCH Ensemble) and Brahms’ double concerto and Requiem (Brussels Philharmonic & Flemish Radio

Come and join us for:
• Six prestigious concerts @Studio 4 :
• On 6.12.2017 at 19:00 & 21:30 : the opening evening of the festival will be divided into two parts gathering around Renaud Capuçon, Avo
Kouyoumdjian and Frank Braley the soloists in residence for double concertos by Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn.
• On 7.12.2017 at 20:15 : an evening devoted to opera duos around José van Dam with the orchestra of the Royal Opera of Wallonia under
the direction of Giampaolo Maria Bisanti.
• On 8.12.2017 at 20:15 : gathered around Giuliano Garmignola, the MuCH Ensemble will perform Vivaldi’s double concerto and famous
Four Seasons.
• On 9.12.2017 at 20h15 : Brahms’ double concerto performed by Augustin Dumay and Jeong Hyoun “Christine” Lee followed by Brahms’
Requiem with the Flemish Radio Choir, the Brussels Philharmonic under the direction of Giancarlo Guerrero.
• On 10.12.2017 at 15:00 : the closing concert brings together the renowned Jerusalem Quartet & two Masters in Residence: Miguel da Silva
& Gary Hoffman.
• Eight chamber music recitals on the theme of the “duo” @Studio 1

Families will also be spoiled with a show about Vivaldi entitled “Viva” performed by the actor Pietro Pizzuti, and a poetic show for children
about Maurice Ravel in the company of the puppet “Maurice” and puppeteer Charlotte Devyver.

Another highlight is the “Singing Molenbeek” concert with Zeno Popescu, Lorenzo Gatto, Julien Libeer & Roby Lakatos, on Sunday 10.12.2017
at 11:00!

The Music Chapel Festival “Duo” brings together an ambitious artistic palette, featuring two symphonic orchestras, the MuCH string ensemble,
a chamber orchestra and almost 50 guest soloists. With at least two concerts per day and a whole OFF program, including conferences (among
which “Culture Meet-Up” on “the classical artist 3.0”), workshops for children with the Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles, and many films
selected by Cinematek on cinema’s great duos that will be screened in Studio 5.
Don’t miss this five-day immersion in the laboratory of the Chapel in residence at Flagey!

Music Chapel Festival 2016

7th edition: Vienna Classics
7 to 10 December 2016 – Flagey

Program 2016

FoVienna Classics Affiche A4r the seventh edition of the Music Chapel Festival, Flagey and the Music Chapel invite the audience to revise the “Vienna Classics”, the masterpieces of the greatest Viennese composers: from Mozart to Schoenberg via Schubert, Beethoven, Mahler and many more. The Vienna Classics Festival features a wonderful selection of artists: three conductors (Karina Canellakis, Stéphane Denève and Hervé Niquet), two orchestras (the Brussels Philharmonic and Sinfonia Varsovia), a choir – the Flemish Radio Choir –, as well as more than 50 artists, masters or masters in residence at the Music Chapel and guests.

Four Prestige Concerts at Studio 4 at 20:15

On 7 and 8.12.16, two evenings in the company of Sinfonia Varsovia under the direction of Karina Canellakis: the first concert centers on the number 3, with Mozart’s surprising concerto for three pianos, which brings together on stage Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Nathanael Gouin and Nareh Arghamanyan, as well as Beethoven’s triple concerto with the highly promising Busch Trio. The second evening features, among others, Miguel da Silva, master in residence (viola) at the Music Chapel.

On 9.12 Stéphane Denève, the Brussels Philharmonic, Augustin Dumay, Sarah Laulan and soloists of the Music Chapel will present a stunning program full of discoveries, including Alban Berg’s powerful concerto To the Memory of an Angel.

On 10.12 the festival concludes with Mozart’s Requiem, the great composer’s unfinished work, performed by the Brussels Philharmonic, Flemish Radio Choir, conducted by Hervé Niquet and the singers of the Music Chapel.

Ten chamber-music recitals in Studio 1 & 3 throughout the festival: Song, piano, string quartet, trio, etc. Let the artists introduce you to the chamber music of Schubert, Mozart, Schoenberg, Brahms. A concert devoted to operetta completes this choice program.

Two shows for children and their families

Once more, the Festival presents an ambitious artistic program. With at least two concerts per day – and sometimes even three or four! – the program offers festival-goers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the music of Viennese composers!

Vienna Classics, from 7 until 10 December 2016 in Flagey
Info & bookings: www.flagey.be

Music Chapel Festival 2015

6th edition: Russian Classics 
8 to 12 December 2015 – Flagey

Program 2015
Video Russian Classics 2015

russian classics festival_A4After Chopin, Brahms, À la française, The Romantics and last year Beethoven, Flagey and the Music Chapel are teaming up for the sixth edition of the Music Chapel Festival, devoted to Russian music, the Russian Classics . This year too the festival shows ambition. Indeed, in the spirit of knowledge transmission advocated by the Music Chapel, confirmed talents and rising stars of all generations will share the stages of Studio 4 and Studio 1 for a program running from 8 to 12 December: five evenings at Studio 4, ten chamber music concerts in Studio 1 and a major concert centered on Tchaïkovsky proposed by the ensemble BOHO Players, a performance intended for families. Many artists will be present, including young soloists in residence at the Music Chapel, associated artists (alumni), Masters in residence (Artemis, Gary Hoffman and Miguel da Silva), guest artists such as the pianists Louis Lortie and Markus Groh, and leading conductors at the head of symphonic orchestras (Christian Arming, Giancarlo Guerrero and Kaspar Zehnder): an artistic line-up that boasts 3 orchestras, 1 string ensemble and almost 50 guest soloists. With at least two concerts daily, the program constitutes a genuine “immersion” in Russian music for the audience. Russk’Off presents talks, workshops for children, and lots of cinema, with a program by the Cinematek proposed in Studio 5. We wish you a very pleasant festival!

Music Chapel Festival 2014

5th edition: Beethoven
1 to 6 December 2014 – Flagey, Studio 4

Program 2014
Video Beethoven 2014

beethoven-festival_A4This year the Music Chapel Festival is dedicated to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. During six days, the music of the great German composer will fill the building of Flagey with six orchestras (Le Concert OlympiqueOrchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe, Sinfonia Varsovia, Lille National Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic) and one choir (Octopus Symphony Chorus) under the direction of six different conductors (Jan Caeyers, Laurence EquilbeyNicolas Krauze, Krzystof Penderecki, Jean-Claude Casadesus and Michel Tabachnik). Famous artists such as pianist and Master in residence at the Music Chapel Maria João Pires, the violist Miguel da Silva, the baritone Dietrich Henschel and Music Chapel alumni as well as the pianist Plamena Mangova, will share the stage with the young soloists in residence at the Music Chapel, following our now well-established concept of companionship. Among others, the public will discover Ashot KhachatourianKaito Kobayashi, Lilit Grigoryan, Nathanael Gouin, Julien Brocal, Harriet Langley, Lidy Blijdorp, Liya Petrova, singers of the enoa network, and many others (more than 30 young soloists are participating in this year’s festival). The Equinox Children’s choir, the social project initiated by Maria João Pires, will also be present on the stage of Studio 4. With at least two concerts a day (up to four concerts a day on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), the program is a genuine “Beethoven marathon”, since the composer’s complete concertos will be performed (violin, piano, triple), as well as his great choral work (Choral Fantasy), some of his famous symphonies, his chamber music (Archduke trio, Ghost trio, violin, cello and piano sonatas), and his vocal pieces, during the public master classes and the concert given by Dietrich Henschel. This Beethoven program will be highlighted by the presence of the famous Polish composer Krzystof Penderecki, who will conduct two of his most beautiful pieces for orchestra. Join us during the first week of December for this unforgettable series of Beethoven concerts.

Music Chapel Festival 2013

4th edition: The Romantics
November 2013 – Flagey, Studio 4

Progam 2013
Video The Romantics 2013

the-romantics_A4After Chopin in 2010, Brahms in 2011, and turn-of-the-century French composers in 2012, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and Flagey will be joining forces once again for their November festival which has become an indispensable part of the partners’ programme. In November 2013, the Romantics will be highlighted: Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert. Accompanied by the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie, part of the Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Hervé Niquet, and the Vlaams Radio Choir, young soloists of the Music Chapel and some of their teachers – Augustin Dumay, Gary Hoffman, Tatiana Samouil and Sylvia Thereza – will be alternating between chamber music and the symphonic repertoire. The hosts will be giving a general overview of the most beautiful romantic works of music: Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E minor, Schumann’s piano concerto, Schubert’s Trout quintet and Mendelssohn’s Octet, etc. We are particularly pleased with the exceptional participation of famous musicians and long-standing partners of the Music Chapel who are not often heard on these shores: Frank Braley, Eric Le Sage, Gérard Caussé, Vineta Sareika and Helmut Deutsch on the occasion of a public master class for singers of the European Network of Opera Academies [ENOA]. This will be an exceptional festival celebrating the great composers of the Romantic period. Don’t miss it!

Music Chapel Festival 2012

3rd edition: A la française
November 2012 – Flagey, Studio 4

Program 2012

affiche_a-la-francaise_A5After Chopin in 2010 and Brahms in 2011, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and Flagey, in co-production with the Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Brussels Philharmonic, present jointly again an autumn “A la française” Festival, from 13 to 17 November 2012 at Flagey. Programmed by the Music Chapel, this festival is dedicated to French music at the “turn of the century,” an extremely rich period that the public can explore through the finest works of French masters such as Claude Debussy, Camille Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Fauré, Eric Satie, Maurice Ravel, César Franck or Francis Poulenc. The “A la française” Festival can count on what has become one of the characteristics of the Music Chapel: mentoring, thanks to the participation of internationally renowned musicians such as Augustin Dumay, Gary Hoffman, Jean-Philippe Collard, Abdel Rahman El Bacha or Gérard Caussé, who are involved in particular with the Music Chapel’s soloists. A five-day festival, with 12 concerts and more than fifty artists, the Octopus chorus and two Belgian orchestras on hand: the Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège conducted by Christian Arming, as well as the Brussels Philharmonic under the baton of Michel Tabachnik. Having become a house mark for Flagey, the “A la française” Festival is not exclusively musical. The program includes a Satie evening which mixes songs and extracts from the nearly complete correspondence of Erik Satie. Directed by Jean Bellorini, this show is to be performed on 15 November by the ‘Académie européenne de musique du Festival d’Aix-en-Provence’, a partner of the Music Chapel under the European Network of Opera Academies (ENOA). The festival does not forget children and their families either, featuring in particular Saint-Saëns’s “Le Carnaval des Animaux” during a concert related on images of Danieli on Saturday, 17 November at 11:00 AM (in cooperation with the “Maison de la Musique”). And still in this ‘mentoring’ spirit, the festival has once again been the subject of a competition among students of La Cambre (national school of visual arts). Flagey will exhibit all the poster projects during the festival. The festival will be brought to a close on Saturday evening, 17 November, with a performance of Fauré’s Requiem in its version for large orchestra, which the composer completed in 1901. We wish you, dear attentive public, a fine festival!

Music Chapel festival 2011

2nd edition: Brahms
November 2011 – Flagey, Studio 4  

Program 2011
Video Brahms 2011

A5_brahms_cmre_webAfter the Chopin Festival in 2010, Flagey and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel decided to repeat the experiment and to present their new Brahms Festival, from 23 to 27 November in Flagey. The festival will this year be able to count on a third distinguished partner: the Brussels Philharmonic. The common thread of this second edition, devoted to the uncontested master of German Romanticism, will be the “transmission” or how great musicians with an established reputation will guide young and talented soloists programmed on their side. Five days will be devoted to the monumental work of Johannes Brahms – five days during which the masters in residence at the Music Chapel and some prestigious guest artists will perform many of the composer’s masterpieces. We should note in particular the Liebeslieder-Walzer for voice and piano for four hands; the two concertos for piano that Brahms composed more than twenty years apart; the concerto for violin and the concerto for violin and cello, two works which he dedicated to his faithful friend, the violinist Joseph Joachim; the marvellous quintet in F minor, which was a difficult undertaking, as is often underscored; or Sonata no.2 for piano and cello. Accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic, under the baton of Michel Tabachnik, the soloists of the Music Chapel and the masters in residence Abdel Rahman El Bacha, Augustin Dumay, Gary Hoffman and José Van Dam, will perform pieces for recital, chamber music and orchestra by the greatest of German Romantic composers. We can also count on the presence of famous soloists such as Louis Lortie, Frank Braley, Stefania Jankova, Plamena Mangova, Hélène Lucas, Jian Wang and the pianists Dimitris Saroglou, Philippe Riga and Dana Protopopescu. The theme of “transmission” is dear to the Brahms Festival. A master class with the young singers from the European Network of Opera Academies (ENOA) with which the Music Chapel is affiliated, will be given by the renowned voice teacher and pianist Helmut Deutsch. Furthermore, each concert in Studio 4 will be preceded by a chamber music program put together by the young soloists of the Music Chapel. And still in the spirit of “mentoring,” the festival’s image served as a subject for a competition at Saint Luke’s Art Institute in Brussels. Flagey will actually exhibit all the poster projects before and after each concert. A fine festival to one and all, general and informed public alike: your enthusiasm is a guarantee for success for such a musical adventure.

Music Chapel Festival 2010

1st edition: Chopin
November 2010 – Flagey, Studio 4  

Program 2010
Video Chopin 2010

annonce_cmre_chopin_A5The Chopin Festival planned by the Queen Elisabeth College of Music aims to give a living and eclectic portrait of Chopin through his work and a few significant pieces by composers who surrounded and inspired him. Even if the piano enjoys a virtual monopoly in Chopin’s work, voice, the cello – which is so close to it – the violin, provided it is associated with other instruments, and of course, the orchestra, will be featured in the concerts. The National Orchestra of Belgium, under the baton of the Polish conductor Michal Dworzynski, will perform the two piano concertos – in order of appearance, Concerto for Piano no. 2, op. 21, with Abdel Rahman El Bacha, and Concerto for Piano No. 1, op. 11, with Louis Lortie – and the other pieces for piano and orchestra by Chopin: the Fantasia on Polish Airs op. 13, with Stéphanie Proot, the Variations on “ Là ci darem la mano” from Don Giovanni, op. 2, with Ksenia Morozova, and the Concert Rondo, op. 14, with Cristina Lucio-Villegas Sanz de Lara. The orchestra will open the festival with the Hebrides Overture op. 26 by Mendelssohn, a loyal patron of Chopin, though scarcely a year older; and on the next day, the Ouverture, Scherzo and Finale op. 52, by Schumann, the exact contemporary of Chopin for whom he had boundless admiration, which unfortunately was not really known… Chopin’s chamber music will be performed by musicians of choice with Christian-Pierre La Marca, cello, and Amandine Savary, piano (members of the Dali Trio) for the Sonata for cello and piano op. 65; and with the Trio d’Ante, for the Piano Trio in G minor, op. 8. As already said, Chopin was unamenable to opera, but the human voice touched him deeply. His admiration for the bel canto shows through in all his piano work, being not the least of his achievements. Furthermore, his loyalty to his native Poland is attested through a small corpus of folk melodies scarcely “arranged,” his sole production for voice. Some of them will be performed by the soprano Helen Kearns and the pianist François Dumont (laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2007), who will finish the concert with excerpts from Bellini and Donizetti operas, and a melody by Lizst, Chopin’s friend and brother, on a text by Victor Hugo. Chopin’s instrument of predilection, the piano “solo,” will be turned over to the young pianists at the College of Music – in chronological order: Christia Hudziy, Stéphanie Proot, Ksenia Morozova, Cristina Lucio-Villegas Sanz de Lara, Samuel Van De Velde and Nicholas Van De Velde, who will play with their teacher, – to their outstanding “elders” François Dumont and Plamena Mangova, their master in residence, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, to Dimitris Saroglou, who teaches at the College of Music, and to the festival’s guest of honour, Louis Lortie of Canada.