Welcome to the eight edition of the Music Chapel Festival at Flagey, this year devoted to the theme of the ‘DUO’, symbolic of the sharing of the stage by two soloists, two chamber-music players, or by a master and a young talent, but also of the act of sharing with you, the music-loving audience. The theme of the duo probably best expresses the idea of knowledge transmission that is so dear to Ysaÿe and to the Music Chapel. For five days you will enjoy the company of exceptional artists: Renaud Capuçon, Frank Braley, Giuliano Carmignola, Augustin Dumay, the Jerusalem Quartet, Gary Hoffman and Miguel da Silva as well as many artists in residence and associate artists.

Today – Wednesday 06.12.17

15:00 > 16:00 Recital – Cello Duo with Astrig Siranossian, Ella Van Poucke

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17:00 > 18:00 Recital – Violin & Viola Duo with Miguel da Silva, Kerson Leong

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18:15 > 18:50 Live Talk – Intro Musico with Augustin Dumay with Xavier Falques

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19:00 > 21:00 Opening Concert – Bach Double with Victoria VassilenkoSergei Redkin, Avo KouyoumdjianJosquin OtalGeorgy TchaidzeJonathan FournelRenaud Capuçon, Alexandra CooremanOrchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie

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21:30 > 23:00 Opening Concert 2 – Mozart & Mendelssohn Double with Frank BraleyRenaud CapuçonNathanael Gouin, Nareh ArghamanyanOrchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie

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21:45 > 23:40 Cinematek – The fabulous Baker Boys Studio 5 Info & Ticket


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Have a great festival!