Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Her Majesty Queen Paola
Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

Music Chapel Charter

A prestigious and international center of excellence for artistic training of exceptionally gifted young musicians in piano, violin, cello, chamber music and voice that will form the musical elite of tomorrow. The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel develops an artistic project enabling young musical talent, by means of demanding individually-tailored instruction, to advance along three axes: the shaping of the musician’s artistic personality, thanks to apprenticeship under a master; the completion of his or her instrumental or voice technique, through the instruction and support of the master and other teachers; and finally, the launch of a professional career through a particularly extensive program of concerts and recitals, so as to get used to facing audiences at various levels.
Throughout this process, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel endeavors to develop the young musician’s skills, while preserving his or her artistic personality. The presence of masters in residence, who pursue a very intensive professional career in the world of music, and their role in guiding young musical talents, constitute the corner stone of the educational project. The master’s instruction is broader than a mere technical or theoretical transfer, but covers artistic creation as a whole. The master hands down to the young musical talent a philosophy of music
and of life.
The master’s priority is to develop the artistic personality of the young talent while leaving him or her greater autonomy as s/he matures and his or her artistic sensitivity grows. Apprenticeship under the master entails an informal handing down of professional experience, advice and support from the master upon embarking on a professional career, and sharing experience when the master and the young musical talent perform together.


All this work is performed in an ideal environment for concentration, work, meditation, conviviality and exchange. The quality of this exceptional setting, and the proximity between the team of the Music Chapel, the teaching staff and the young musicians, constitute an integral part of the educational project. The Music Chapel attaches the utmost importance to the coherence between its teaching philosophy and the quality of the environment in which instruction is imparted. This educational project is bolstered by the cultural project of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, making it a centre for the production and the on-stage performance of music. All these elements make the Music Chapel a unique laboratory for life and musical creativity in Europe, where masters in residence, teachers, young musical talents, soloists and ensembles who perform in concerts or reside at the Music Chapel, are mutually enriched. In this place of musical life, the public, and in particular the friends, patrons and sponsors of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, who are involved in the project, are constructing and sharing the experience through close and privileged relations with the team of the Music Chapel, the masters in residence, the young musical talents and other artists.