This autumn, follow our artists in residence on the stages around the world!

Opéra de Monte-Carlo:

Our singers will perform @Opéra de Monte-Carlo for the first collaboration with Music Chapel.

13.10.18 & 14.10.18 : Opéra de Monte-Carlo – Opéra-Comique! Fabien Hyon, Dania El Zein, Mathilde Legrand, Alexandre Artemenko, Yves Coudray, Kira Parfeevets

Phillips Collection :

The American Friends of Music Chapel aim at  creating bridges that will make it possible for young artists to grow on both sides of the Atlantic. In that spirit, the Trio Zadig will play @Phillips Collection in Washington.

18.11.18 : The Phillips CollectionTrio Zadig         

Community projects:

Opening oneself to the other, to other types of audiences and sharing one’s talent: that is the aim of the “Community” axis. Upcoming community projects include a concert in a jail, a concert in a hospital, but also various concerts in collaboration with the partners of Music Chapel, such as Nativitas & Convivial.

16.10.18 : Nativitas ConcertAlexandra Cooreman
06.11.18: Concert at the jail of Ittre Julie Gebhart, Mathilde Legrand, Edvard Pogossian
14.11.18 : Cliniques Universitaires Saint-LucIrénée Krumenacker, Guillaume Vincent
17.11.18 : Convivial ASBL – Salih Can Gevrek, Jee Won Kim
27.11.18 : NativitasFrançois Pardailhé, Louise Kuyvenhoven

Série Belle-Saison: 

La Belle Saison is  a network of various concert halls in France & Belgium which are perfectly suitable for chamber music. The aim of this network is to open a space of creation and co-production of chamber music programs. La Belle Saison gathers more than 20 concert halls and produces over 90 concerts in 2018. This autumn, follow the octet of Mendelssohn with Miguel da Silva, Boris Borgolotto, Riana Anthony, Lorenzo Gatto, Emmanuel Coppey, Marc Coppey, Nathanaël Ferreira, Magdalena Sypniewski in:

21.10.18 : Association du Méjan
06.11.18 : Scène Nationale Le Trident 


Our artists in residence play on the Belgian stages outside of Music Chapel in different places, such as Maison de la Musique, the Korean Cultural Center but also the Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Bozar & La Monnaie.

25.10.18 : Maison de la Musique Alexandra Cooreman, Hyeonjin Cho, Guillaume Vincent
28.10.18 : Bozar Next GenerationLouise Kuyvenhoven, Mathilde Legrand
13.11.18 : Maison de la MusiqueNaomi Couquet, Jee Won Kim, Daichi Nakamura
22.11.18 : Maison de la MusiqueMathilde Legrand, Salih Can Gevrek, Woo Hyung Kim
25.11.18 : Concert Spirituel ASBLAlexandra Cooreman, Julie Gebhart, Louise Kuyvenhoven, Mathilde Legrand, Fabien Hyon
04.12.18 : Maison de la Musique Lorenzo Bovittuti, Irénée Krumenacker, Trio Zadig
05.12.18 : Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège Gary Hoffman, Josquin Otal, Kerson Leong
11.12.18 : Korean Cultural CenterWoo Hyung Kim, Hyeonjin Cho, Djordje Radevski
17.12.18 – La Monnaie/ De Munt- Christmas Concert – Music Chapel Soloists
20.12.18, 21.12.18 & 22.12.18 : Bozar – Christmas ConcertCécile Lastchenko, Dania El Zein

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