Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Her Majesty Queen Paola
Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

Midday Sessions

These informal bimonthly showcases are designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice performing. The students can use these sessions as a run-through for any upcoming important concert, competition or recording, or just for trying out a new piece that they need to get comfortable with. Also in the spirit of studio classes, we invite professors or assistant professors as well as other staff and some guests to come and listen. The students are encouraged to come and listen to each other, and provide feedback.

Time: 11:30

Dates: Students can request a specifict date depending on their requirements, but the head of the Artistic Department and the professors can also request them. They will be confirmed by Kyung-Sook Langley after checking the availability of the Grande Salle (or the new Concert Hall when the new building is completed) and, when necessary, of the accompanists.

Contact: Kyung-sook Langley: kslangley@musicchapel.org