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Music Chapel Festival – 10th edition

A tribute to Ysaÿe

4>7.12.2019 @Flagey

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80th Anniversary of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (1939-2019)

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Music Chapel Presents : MuCH Waterloo Festival 2019 – 3rd edition!

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Music Chapel Presents: Music Chapel Gala Concert 2019 @Bozar

This year, for our grand Gala Concert, we invite you to listen to our master in residence Louis Lortie alongside Iris van Wijnen, Victoria Vassilenko and the Swiss orchestra Bienne Soleure in a program highlighting Mozart’s melodic genius. To prolong your pleasure, the young Canadian violinist Kerson Leong will perform one of the most emblematic violin concertos from the German romantic repertoire, Max Bruch’s Concerto No. 1.

Complete Program

Music Chapel presents: Music&Movies

Music Chapel Festival
9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Music Chapel Festival at Flagey will take place from 5 until 8 December 2018. This year the festival is devoted to the intimate relationship between music and cinema. “Music and Movies” will present music composed for films (like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Dukas) but also classical music utilized by film-makers (like Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto featured in Out of Africa). The festival will also highlight renowned film composers such as Herrmann and Korngold, and will conclude with the European premiere of a score by John Williams, one of the best-known living composers for cinema.

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Ask for photos, videos, comm support: lraimondi@musicchapel.org

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Music Chapel: Season 2018-2019

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Music Chapel presents: MuCH Waterloo Festival 2nd edition! (Press Conference 27.04.18)

Music Chapel Highlight 2017-18: Press conference 21.09.2017

Brochure saison MuCH Music Season 2017 – 18 MuCH for us! 

Programm Music Chapel Festival DUO

MuCH Music Season: Complete Program


Music Chapel presents: MuCH Waterloo Festival – MuCH 4 You! 1st Edition (press conference 28.03.2017)

New collaboration with Domaine Forget (May 2017)

Music Chapel Gala Concert 08.03.2017 @BOZAR

Music Chapel Official Presentation: a Unique Experience!

Press Conference 02.06.16 : MuCH Season 2016-2017 #Season2 Out of the Box!

Music Chapel’s new CD Collection: A. Dvořák, Piano Trio Op. 65 & 90 ‘Dumky’

Music Chapel Garden Party 04.06.2016

Press Conference 01.03.16 – Music Chapel’s new CD Collection: E. Lalo, Concertante works for violin, cello & piano – Release March 2016

2016-2017 A new Master in Residence: Louis Lortie

Music Chapel Gala Concert 08.03.2016

Music Chapel Official Presentation: a Unique Experience!

Press Conference 02.12.2015 – Music Chapel Festival Russian Classics

Press Conference 21.09.2015 – MuCH opening season

Press Conference 18.05.2015 – Presentation of Cercle Chapel

“La Belle Saison” Project, 2015

The Official Opening of the de Launoit Wing, 27.01.2015

Equinox Project

Partitura Project EN

The New Building:

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