In March, follow our young talented artists in our “On Tour” season in Belgium & all over the world!

Spring is already at our doorstep! Time for concentration and mentoring for our artists this week, only to better return on stage  from March 10. To keep you waiting until then, here’s a little sneak peek at our next on Tour concerts…

I. In Belgium

1. Series “Bozar Next Generation” @Bozar: 10.03.19 – 11:00

The “Bozar Next Generation” concerts aims to the recognition of young musicians, while ensuring a relaxing and enriching Sunday for the audience. On 10.03.19, they will be able to discover Rosalind Ventris, violist in residence, in recital, accompanied by Olga Kirpicheva at Bozar.

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2. Gala Concert of the Ligue Nationale Belge de la Sclérose en Plaque @Bozar: 11.03.19 – 20:00

The violinist Meruert Karmenova will perform Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto alongside Daniel Blumenthal with the Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles conducted by Jacques Vanherenthals, for an exceptional evening at the occasion of the Gala Concert of the Ligue Nationale Belge de la Sclérose en Plaque.

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3. Series “Rendez-vous de la Chapelle Musicale” @Centre Culturel de Stavelot – 17.03.19 – 17:00

Each year, the soloists of the Music Chapel are invited to play at the Centre Culturel the Stavelot for the “Rendez-vous de la Chapelle Musicale”. Elia Cohen-Weissert, accompanied by Dana Protopopescu, as well as Guillaume Vincent are invited this time for an eclectic program including Schubert, Chopin, Ravel & Liszt’s pieces.

4. Concerts Series @Maison de la Musique – 19.03.19 – 20:00

Soloists in residence Guillaume Vincent, Nancy ZhouJulie Gebhart & Naomi Couquet, accompanied by Christia Hudziy Philippe Riga, are the guests of the Maison de la Musique in March with, among others, Mendelssohn’s concerto in E minor! Dedicated to the memory of violist Louis Poulet and painter Danieli, the Maison de la Musique organizes many concerts  throughout the year.

5. Gala Concert of the Music Chapel @Bozar: 21.03.2019 -20:00

This year, for our grand Gala Concert, we invite you to listen to our master in residence Louis Lortie alongside Iris van Wijnen, Victoria Vassilenko and the Swiss orchestra Bienne Soleure in a program highlighting Mozart’s melodic genius. To prolong your pleasure, the young Canadian violinist Kerson Leong will perform one of the most emblematic violin concertos from the German romantic repertoire, Bruch’s Concerto No. 1.

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6. Maurice Piano & Marionnette @Wolubilis: 23.03.19 – 14:00 & 15:30

This MuCH creation is giving Ravel’s music a puppet setting. Let yourself be carried away with Sergei Redkin, Victoria Vassilenko pianists in residence, & the actor Michel Verheyden, in a creation of Sophie van der Stegen, directed by Charlotte Devyver, as part of  the “Musicales de la Woluwe” festival.

7.Concert @Festival Max van der Linden : 23.03.19 – 20:00

As part of the partnership with the Max van der Linden Festival , the young soloists Naomi Couquet, Dania El Zein, alongside with Philippe Riga, but also the alumni of the Music Chapel Mertol Demirelli, will perform a program around the theme of water.

8.  Concert @”Musicales de la Woluwe” : 24.03.19 – 15:00

To close the fourth edition of the “Musicales de la Woluwe“, let yourself be guided by the Quatuor Girard, quartet in residence at the Music Chapel, with a program around Beethoven’s quartets.

9. Community Concerts

The Community Projects chair of  the Music Chapel, created in 2013 with the support of Fondation Futur 21, allows to broaden the field of social applications offered to our soloists in residence. Opening oneself to the other, to other types of audiences and sharing one’s talent: that is the aim of the “Community” axis.

Concert @Nativitas asbl: 26.03.19 – 15:30

Jùlia Pusker, accompanied with Christia Hudziy, & Lorenzo Bovittuti, will play the violin sonata No. 8 of Beethoven & Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives at La Bicoque, the guest house of  Nativitas asbl, a non profit organization which aims to help people in precarious or isolated situations.

Concert @Convivial asbl : 30.03.19 – 15:00

Convivial absl works for the integration of the refugees in Belgium. As part of the asbl’s “rencontres croisées”, Music Chapel organises four concerts a year. Lorenzo Bovittuti & the Aurora Piano Quartet will be on the agenda for the next one with Beethoven’s quartet in F major, this 30.03.19.

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10. Violin Prelude Concert @Sint-John’s International School: 27.03.19 -20:15

As a prelude to the Queen Elisabeth Competition, the violinists in residence at the Music Chapel will perform with the Belgian National Orchestra during an exceptional evening at St. John’s International School. This will be the opportunity to rediscover Tchaikovsky and Beethoven’s famous Violin Concertos as well as Shostakovich’s Concerto No. 1, which was dedicated to the Russian violinist David Oistrakh, the winner of the first Queen Elisabeth Competition, at the time still called the Ysaÿe Competition (1937).

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II. Around the world…

1. Series “Concert du midi” @Auditorium du Louvre

Every week, the Louvre’s Auditorium welcomes classical concerts cycles and invites this month the Music Chapel for a special series of 3 concerts in tribute to Ysaÿe.

14.03.19 -12:30

Every thursday at lunchtime, the auditorium is dedicated to the discovery of tomorrow’s young talents. On 14.03.19, Miguel da Silva, Vladyslava Luchenko, Hyeonjin Cho, Riana AnthonyJonathan Fournel will perform, among other pieces, the sonata for 2 violins and the first movement of the London trio of Ysaÿe &  Fauré’s famous Quintet.

15.03.19- 20:00

On Friday evenings, the great classics of the repertoire, or musical creations commissioned by the Louvre from contemporary composers are in the spotlight. The auditorium will welcome Pavel KolesnikovElina Buksha & the Quatuor Hermès, associated artists of the Music Chapel, for the famous concerto of Chausson & Ravel’s quartet on 15.03.19.

16.03.2019 -16:00

To finish up, Lorenzo Gatto & Julien Libeer will close this cycle of Music Chapel concerts in Paris with a concert including Frank’s Sonata on Saturday 16.03.19.

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2. Opening Concert, “Aspects des Musiques d’Aujourd’hui” festival @Orchestre de Caen: 19.03.19 – 20:00
Created in 1982 by Jean-Pierre Dautel (founder of the Caen Orchestra), the “Aspects des Musiques d’aujourdhui Festival” honours contemporary music. At the occasion of the opening evening, dedicated to the composer Thierry Pécou, the three artists in residence or associated artist Alexandre Pascal, Hélène Desaint & Josquin Otal, are performing a new concerto alongside the Orchestre de Caen, conducted by Kanako Abe.

3. Concert @Orchestre Symphonique Bienne Soleure:20.03.19 – 20:00
Just a day before the Gala Concert of  the Music Chapel, Louis Lortie & Victoria Vassilenko, as well as Iris Van Wijnen, will perform and record their Mozart’s program with the Orchestre Symphonique Bienne Soleure, conducted by Kaspar Zehnder, in Switzerland.
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