We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new master in residence in october 2016: Canadian pianist Louis Lortie, who has been a close partner of the Music Chapel for about a decade already due to his frequent presence at concerts and in master classes and who, moreover, has gained extensive teaching experience over the years. Louis Lortie will be assisted in this new position by a great professor, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, a member of the Vienna Hochschule.

After four years at the Music Chapel, Maria João Pires will leave her position of master in residence in June 2016. We will of course remain in close contact with this great artist in the coming years through the Equinox choirs and the Partitura program, two projects which she inaugurated during her residency at the Music Chapel.

“It is with great joy that I have just accepted to take charge of the piano section of the Music Chapel from September 2016. I profoundly admire the tireless devotion of this institution to help develop a new generation of musicians thanks to leading performer-professors and an extremely devoted administrative team.

I hope to help open up gifted young musicians to the rich world of possible interpretations, young musicians who must learn this demanding task of the modern world: to continue the in-depth exploration of their art with the utmost interiority in a space whose temptations are often far removed from the genuine objectives of an artistic quest at the service of the great composers.

I particularly look forward to bringing these young artists in contact with an admirable associate professor, Avo Kouyoumdjian, a member of the Vienna Hochschule who will assist me in my functions, and a myriad of professors who will visit us for the master classes: musicians from all horizons and a range of backgrounds, from baroque to contemporary music.” Louis Lortie, February 2016

Louis Lortie has proposed to invite guest masters to give the young pianists other perspectives on certain themes. We can already announce the presence of Piotr Anderscewski for a master class during the 2016–17 season.

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