Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Her Majesty Queen Paola
Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

Violin – Augustin Dumay

Master in Residence: Augustin Dumay, violin

Chair granted by Baillet Latour Fund

The Music Chapel is a private institution providing multi-year programs of musical study concentrating almost exclusively on excellence in performance. The programs are reserved for a very small number of exceptionally gifted young musicians, who wish to pursue a non-degree program. The school offers individually-tailored instruction to ensure that each student gets the music education that he or she needs.

“… first of all, the essential transmission of a culture of classical music, which is today once more indispensable because often on the verge of being lost; but accompanied by work on the development of the musical imagination, that is, teaching these young musicians to dare to take a stand with regard to these musical texts. For these young musicians, all this amounts to finding the necessary balance between the respect due to a work and the development of a personal interpretation that is more than the umpteenth conformist and unsatisfactory reproduction. One only needs to attend international competitions to notice this problem that could make the musical world of tomorrow more dull. Of course, my role is to make them understand that one can’t paint a mustache on Mona Lisa but that there is a wonderful space of freedom available to us when we approach a workOne must in a sense impose a way of thinking but without imposing its end.[Augustin Dumay]