Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Her Majesty Queen Paola
Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

Cello – Gary Hoffman

Cello Department

Master in residence: Gary Hoffman, cello
Jeroen Reuling, teacher

Gary Hoffman
Aider et soutenir les jeunes musiciens à maximiser leur potentiel tout en respectant l’intégrité, l’humilité, et les bonnes valeurs dans la musique ainsi que la vie

The Music Chapel is a private institution providing multi-year programs of musical study concentrating almost exclusively on excellence in performance. The programs are reserved for a very small number of exceptionally gifted young musicians, who wish to pursue a non-degree program. The school offers individually-tailored instruction to ensure that each student gets the music education that he or she needs.

Music is a language which doesn’t require words, and thankfully so. There are thoughts and emotions that even leave words insufficient. But while music may be the perfect language it requires thoughtful care for it’s survival and continuation throughout the generations. The need for the keeping alive of high values and the transmission of those to the younger generation, of musicians, as well as music lovers, is greater than ever. The human element in the life of our beloved art which is music cannot be minimized. We, as teachers and performers and presenters, are both pionneers and caretakers, and this must always be so.”
[Gary Hoffman]

Contact: alparotte@musicchapel.org

Chair granted by Mr & Mrs Eric Le Jeune