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Board & lodging

Students may apply to the Music Chapel for full time occupancy of a studio at the Music Chapel. If and when admitted for full time occupancy of a studio (c/o the Finance and Administration Department – Johanna Filée), the facilities can be used throughout the year. The acceptance of a studio by the student implies a contractual engagement for the full year, i.e. nine months.

Financial conditions for full board and lodging

Upon moving into a studio, a deposit of 250 € will be payable (in addition to the general deposit applicable for all students) as key money and to cover any loss of goods or equipment, damage to or deterioration of the furniture, the fixtures and other equipment, other than normal wear and tear of the studio or room.

The participation fee for full time occupancy is 450 € per month, payable before the 1st of every month.

During periods determined by the Executive Committee (e.g. the finals of the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition), when students cannot occupy their assigned studios, the monthly fee will be reduced in proportion to the period of unavailability.

As a matter of fairness, no one will be allowed to attend any lessons or master classes until the 500 € registration fee has been paid. And no one will have access to housing, bikes, games, or any other material advantages until the reimbursable 250 € deposit has been paid.


12:30 – 02:30 p.m. lunch (The Foyer)

Students are requested to inform Karine of their presence and/or absence for meals by Tuesday of the preceding week. Students must unregister the meal in case of absence. The participation fee for occasional meals (parents, visitors) is 18 € per person per meal.


Fixed schedule: Monday to Friday for shuttles between Waterloo train station and the Music Chapel.

Contact: Alain Canivet
+32 473 76 21 35

Occasional boarding

Insofar as possible, the Music Chapel will provide occasional lodging to commuting students during specific projects (productions, master classes, courses) or concerts given by the relevant student. Bed linen and towels will be made available. Proper use of these is required. The participation fee in the expenses for an occasional occupancy of a studio is

30 € per person per night in the new building (20€ in the listed building).

Depending on availability and demand for occasional lodging, students may be asked to share a room with another student.

Full boarding students, who have freed up their studio for the summer break, may use a studio on a daily basis during the summer period, with proper notification at least one week in advance. The same financial conditions as for occasional boarding will apply.

Full boarding students wishing to keep their reserved studios during the summer months are allowed to do so depending on availability, subject to payment for the entire three-month period.

Admission: Danaé Balstavias
Logistics Department : Karine Vilain
+32 496 52 00 78
Alain Canivet
+32 473 76 21 35
Lami Tchabebou
+32 486 07 51 25
Finance and Administration: Quentin Bogaerts
+32 2 352 01 10

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