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Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth


Equinox, social & artistic project
Maria João Pires, artistic direction


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Equity – Self confidence – Cultural diversity – Team work – Friendship – Mutual aid

.“Music speaks what cannot be expressed; it heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

Music has an universal language that allow people to make a huge difference to their mindset and their approach towards things or situations, improving self-esteem.

Children’s choir
The Equinox Project is dedicated to the creation and development of children’s choirs. Its goal is simple : to share the artistic excellence of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, through the auspices of its teachers and young musicians with members of society that would not normally have access to it..

A multicultural choir
Children from deprived neighborhoods (often multi-cultural) within Belgium, or children from poor, isolated overseas regions, sometimes devastated because of conflicts, are included and invited to share this experience. The work is profound and continuous; it’s aim being to implant the practice of music in areas that until now have been completely barren. If we consider that music enhances our sense of well-being, then surely we must wish to make it accessible to all. The idea is to invite children to join a choir where at the end of each school day they come to practice, the ways of a choir, and to eventually create their own true musical identity. The process does not only «make music», but also develops a personal practice, an inner structure and fulfillment : a sense of being a musician. The repertoire plans include a great variety of languages and cultures, and will include traditional songs from many countries as well as classical pieces inspired by popular music.

Music and society’s transformation
The acclaimed method developed over a long period of time by Maria Joao Pires is effective in reinforcing children’s capacities to encourage their artistic expression through music. The choir is of course a musical ensemble, dedicated to the acquisition of specific goals, but also in addition, to stimulate artistic sensibilities. Many projects around the world work along these lines, with conspicuous results. But although they have an undeniable impact, many stumble on artistic difficulties . This can only mean that those teaching are not adequately trained and therefore do not have sufficiently formed methods for teaching the children, with the result that they may not truly assimilate music within their whole being. The Equinox Project has among its goals to ensure this artistic problem, with the support of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, and, thanks to its now proven methods, enlarge the social effects and raise the artistic levelThe young musicians of the Music Chapel are invited to participate throughout the entire process. They will learn how to conduct the choir, to manage a social project through music, and to bring artistic quality to the projects.

Joana Nöth, coordination
Gabriel, Marolles’ monitor
Tica Cabral, psychologist
Equinox, chorales d’Enfants Chaussée de Tervuren 445 – 1410 Waterloo, Belgium www.choralesequinox.be – equinox@cmre.be
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