The support of the National Lottery

Contributing to the well-being of the community is the National Lottery’s corporate philosophy. This is why it reinjects an important part of its profits in the company, by financially supporting a wide range of projects in the following areas: humanitarian, social, cultural, sports, scientific, etc.

It also attaches great importance to culture. Whether by means of subsidies or sponsorship, the National Lottery contributes every day to the success of associations or cultural events: opera, singing, dance, music, poetry, plastic arts, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, theatre, cinema… reaching a wide variety of audiences, among which young people are certainly not forgotten.

By subsidizing numerous projects, the National Lottery in fact offers young people the chance to broaden their centres of interest, to develop fully in their discipline and to reach a high level while benefiting from better supervision. It is within this framework that the National Lottery supports the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, thus enabling our young talents – violinists, violists, cellists, chamber musicians, pianists and singers – to perfect their training under the guidance of great masters – Augustin  Dumay, José van Dam, Sophie Koch, Louis Lortie, Gary Hoffman, Miguel da Silva, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden and the Artemis Quartet- and one day shine on the international stage.

It is also thanks to the support of the National Lottery that the Chapel opened the chamber music section under the direction of the Artemis Quartet in October 2005. The National Lottery is on the horizon
as a public operator at the service of the audience. The National Lottery has also financed a music studio of the new wing.

The National Lottery is therefore present every day alongside the Belgians thanks to the support it provides to many associations. And all this is only possible thanks to the 7 million players of the National Lottery!