The support of Proximus

Proximus supports the main players in the cultural world in Belgium. As a leading company, Proximus is resolutely turning its attention to
into the future. This willingness to believe in the future is reflected in economic, social and environmental matters and, of course, cultural. Faced with the fact that our young musicians are increasingly forced to travel abroad in order to follow, like their European counterparts, very high-level training courses, Proximus considered, as a company citizen, that it was her duty to support our young generation of virtuosos.

With the launch of the new teaching framework of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel for the training of the best young pianists, violinists and cellists, violists, chamber music ensembles and singers under the direction of Louis Lortie, Augustin Dumay, Gary Hoffman, José van Dam, Sophie Koch, Miguel da Silva, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden and the Artemis Quartet, Proximus has found in this project the opportunity to support our young talents. From 2004 to 2014, Proximus created grants for three artists eager to train with great masters in Belgium and it is thus that since 2004, Milos Popovic, Claire Dassesse, Hendrickje van Kerckhove, Lisa Wastiau, Hrachya Avanesyan, Anneke Luyten, the Tercea Quartet, Samuel Nebyu, Stephanie Proot, Gijs Van der Linden, Julie Sevilla-Fraysse, Yu Shao and the Duo Jatekok were able to perfect their skills at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel
through these scholarships.

Today, as since 2004, Proximus offers support to the structure itself in order to give all the necessary support to this magnificent challenge.