The support of Ginion

For 55 years, Ginion Group has been known for its commitment to excellence. We believe in the importance of sharing common passions, whether it be around music or cars.

Today, the structure of Ginion Group has changed but our passion for the leisure car remains at the heart of our DNA. This is reflected in our two dealerships, Ferrari Francorchamps Motors Brussels and Ferrari Francorchamps Motors Luxembourg. This passion is also transmitted through Ginion Classics, which distributes prestige ancestors and classic cars, and Master Switch, which organizes tourist rallies around classic cars for ancestors as well as modern GT cars, so that those who are passionate about our automotive heritage can live their passion and share it with others.

We are very proud to be a partner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and thus to write together a story of passion, of aspiration to excellence, and of an art of living. It is passion that drives us to surpass ourselves. These are the fundamental values that we share and it is with this same vision that we give the best of ourselves to our clients and partners every day.