Liam Dugelay, piano

After studying at the Conservatoire régional de Paris (CRR) Liam became an artist in residence in the class of Louis Lortie and Avedis Koujoumdjian in the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapelle in 2021, following in parallel his bachelor at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the class of Aleksandar Madzar.

Very interested in contemporary music he worked with composers such as Michael Jarell and Ramon Lazkano at the Maurice Ravel International Academy in August 2021, where he performed Onyrik by Krystof Maratka after working with the composer. In CRR, he also did a masterclass with Philippe Hersant with his piece Osterlied and perfomed “chant de l’âme” of Olivier Greiff in front of the dedicator of the work B.F Sappey.

Searching for different music approaches, he had masterclasses Davies Buechner (Orford Music Festival 2018) with Denis Pascal, Michel Dalberto and Jean Frédéric Neuburger (academy Ravel, 2021) Laurent Cabasso (Engheins, 2021) and will have masterclasses with Jean Claude Vanden Eynden (January 2021) and Stephane Degout (February 2021) where he often worked Schumann’s music, passionate about it.

He was also invited by Louis Lortie in the academy Michel Plasson, where he produced himself in front of the conductor Michel Plasson, Sophie Koch and Anja Krauss and Bernd Schober, musiciens of the Staatskapelle of Dresde who invited him to perform a chamber music program on June 2022.

He is supported by the Safran Foundation for young artists since July 2021.