Le soutien d’ING

ING Belgium is proud to once again support the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel for 5 years (2016-2020).
The vocation of this prestigious institution to train young people and encourage them to give their best in order to do to develop their talents, finds an echo in the various initiatives ING Belgium in favour of young people, both in the charitable field and in the artistic and sports fields.
ING Belgium is participating in the international Power for Youth programme, in partnership with UNICEF, which has already made it possible to send thousands of disadvantaged children around the world to school.
In 2005, the bank also created the ING Patronage Fund in Belgium as part of the King Baudouin Foundation, which guides its action, in particular on the reintegration of young people at risk of social exclusion.
In the artistic and cultural field, ING Belgium supports emerging talents through the Belgian Art Prize, and through its partnership with the Kanal Museum. Her important collection of contemporary art, which she is keen to share with her collaborators, and which is representative of both young artists and more experienced talents, reflects this interest in artistic creation.

Finally, ING Belgium is also the official partner of the Red Devils and Red Flames, which are particularly popular with the public. The bank also contributes to the training of arbitrators, whose values – equity, decision-making skills – are essential, courage, respect for the rules – are in perfect harmony with those of ING.
Like the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and its other partners, we promote and promote essential values such as excellence and quality. We sincerely hope that this renewed partnership will allow many young virtuosos to take a new step and showcase their talent to the fullest at the international level.