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Unique Place

The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel consists of developing an artistic project set out to train young musical talents, and represents the only music institution to advance along those six concepts :
1. High-level training : our young musicians benefit from an individually-tailored instruction, that allow them to improve their skills with a master, thanks to a system of companionship. The Chapel has the support of masters, in five categories : piano, violin, cello, chamber music, and voice.

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2. On stage : The Chapel also gives students the opportunity to perform on stage through a particularly extensive program of concerts and recitals . We organize 250 concerts each year that we produce or co-produce. We understand the need to perform on stage to get used to facing audiences at various levels, helping them to launch a professional career.

3. Career development: The Music Chapel bolsters the importance to support its students through the beginning of their career, helping them make a name for themselves.

4. Personal development : is important for the Chapel to also take the shaping of the musicians’ artistic personality into consideration, developing their physical and emotional health care needs. To achieve that, we collaborate with different projects :

5. Residency : Our young soloists are residents at the Chapel, all year long. After auditioning, we welcome 50 young artists, from 20 different nationalities. This allows them to be well framed by prestigious musicians, and to play 14 hours a day, in a warm and musical atmosphere.

6. Equinox, asbl : creation and development of children’s choirs, with children for deprived neighborhoods, or from poor, isolated overseas regions. Maria Joao Piresgoal is to allow these children to express themselves and to stimulate their artistic sensibilities through music.


Auditions at the Music Chapel : selected candidates only