Looking for a place to strengthen your musical skills and bloom your talent? Auditions to enter the Music Chapel are open now to cellists, violonists, violists, pianists & chamber music ensembles of all nationalities!

More information and required program here 

Chamber Music Audition – Artemis Quartet
Pre-Selection DVD (audio-visual) materials: Deadline: 05.01.2017

Cello Audition – Gary Hoffman
Pre-Selection DVD (audio-visual) materials: Deadline: 15.01.2017

Violin Audition – Augustin Dumay
Pre-Selection DVD (audio-visual) materials: Deadline: 05.02.2017

Viola Section – Miguel da Silva
Pre-Selection DVD (audio-visual) materials: Deadline: 05.02.2017

Piano Section – Louis Lortie
Pre-Selection DVD (audio-visual) materials: Deadline:  12.02.2017