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American Friends Project

Building from our decades-long history, the masters, artists and staff of the Music Chapel are all deeply committed to the vision of Queen Elisabeth and Eugene Ysaÿe. It falls upon us, collectively, to keep alive the spirit of transmission, and to use this as a means to build vibrancy and excellence among the artists of the future.

Today, as we continue to steward this legacy and mission, we seek partnership and support from committed lovers of music, who wish to be part of shaping the future of this art form.
Music is an art “without borders”, a universal language: it is all about shared emotional responses that we all, as human beings, feel. Music gives us the opportunity to experience our common humanity beyond all our cultural differences.

The Music Chapel is like a little jewel, settled in Belgium, where the core mission is the transmission of this universal language; a cultural heritage that has been passed from one generation to another. Simultaneously, we are evermindful of the aim of excellence and sharing this work with a very wide public.

It is this imperative to reach new audiences and building the most robust network of support for our young artists that brings us to the United States, a country with a long and proud tradition of encouraging expression through private patronage.

This means that you too can be part of the passion of our young musicians, by joining the American Friends of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel!

In Belgium and abroad, our donors are invaluable partners that we wish to work with in respecting their philanthropic visions. This means you can choose to give an unrestricted contribution to our discretionary fund, allowing us to address constantly evolving ongoing needs, or you may work with our team to identify a specific area of interest that you may like to support. This could range from targeted grants in artist support, addressing concerns like their travel or lodging, sponsorship of an instrument, or even naming a chair for a Master in residence.

Importantly, each of these are initiatives that not only keep our doors open, but keep the Music Chapel thriving in the 21st century. And, we are eager to tailor unique opportunities of engagement that will allow you to see the true force of your gift in action.

No matter the size, your gift will play an invaluable role, having impact on every aspect of our house: the young talents, masters in residence, guest artists and the public who enjoy the concerts given by these artists.

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American Friends Committee

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