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Chapelle Musicale Reine ElisabethChapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

American Friends Giving Circle

Your gift supports the present and future of our modern “Villa Medicis”

Gifts at all levels have the potential to support a wide range of needs at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, including maintenance or restoration of our original building, a national landmark, or the expansion of our modern facilities, outstanding special exhibitions touring Ysaÿe exhibition coming in 2019, and the development of an instruments fund to allow for purchase of highly valuable instruments for our young artists.
Among other projects, your contribution could:
Support a CD-recording for one of our young talents. Recording is a unique facet of the music industry, and this
experience can be essential for our young artists on their path to development.
Finance an instrument purchase of a period instrument or modern string instrument – violin, viola or cello. To
facilitate their growth at this high level, our outstanding artists must be able to play on the highest quality instruments
available. You can make this possible, unlocking their potential, and even assign your name in recognition on the
Restore our historically listed building to bring back its original glory. Our historic original building is listed on a
national register for preservation, and it is filled with beautiful “De Coene” furniture, “Perzel” lights, and silked walls
that require upkeep and restoration. You can help us to preserve this heritage for future generations.
Strengthen our endowment fund to preserve the future of the Music Chapel. The endowment will ensure the
longevity of our institution and our ability to carry forward the incredible legacy with which we are entrusted.
Create a named endowed chair in your honor, supporting a department and one of our Masters in residence. Endowing a named chair today will enable the continued engagement of performers at the highest levels to join the
Music Chapel as Masters in residence, contributing to the unlocking of musical potential for generations.
Support our community projects to bring music and the arts to a broader audience. For many people, music is
nearly absent from their lives. From their disadvantaged or isolated positions, they cannot experience its joy, and it
is an important part of our mission to bring music to broad audiences to reach them.

At set giving levels of the American Friends, your gift is allocated to essential programming needs

For gifts up to $2,000, you become a Friend of the Music Chapel. In recognition of your generous support to our
incredible artists, you will receive program recognition as a Friend, as well as updates through our e-newsletter and
invitations to public events in the US. You will likewise receive access to a priority booking system for any events at
the Music Chapel campus as a special American Friend.
At $2,000, you become a Patron of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. As a valued participant in the vitality of
our musical laboratory, you will receive all the benefits afforded at the Friend level, as well as be listed as a Patron
in program materials. You will likewise receive the benefits of our Patron’s Club, allowing for your participation in our
musical voyages, gala and private recitals.
At $5,000, you become a Voyager, supporting artists through travel and accommodation grants. The value of such
support to artists cannot be overstated, as it enables them to concentrate on their artistic evolution far from worldly
concerns. You will receive all of the benefits at the Patron level, including special recognition for support to essential
grant programming. In addition, you will receive special invitations to those events involving traveling artists from the
Music Chapel, and intimate meet and greet opportunities for all artists visiting the US.
At $15,000, you become a Sponsor, granting a named fellowship to a talented young artist. As the dedicated
supporter of an exceptional young artist in residence, you will receive all of the recognition afforded to the Voyager
level, as well as special program recognition as a Sponsor. You will also have the unique opportunity to develop a
more personal relationship with the young artist supported, following him or her on tour or in the Music Chapel, and
even attending a private lesson with the Master in residence. Given this incredibly generous support to one artist,
you will also be granted the opportunity to have his or her private performance for you and your friends.
At $25,000, you become a Mentor, enabling a guest Master to give a masterclass cyclus in Waterloo, advancing transmission for our artists. This extreme generosity gives the chance to a whole department to work on a very specific repertoire or gain from the experience of a guest master in order to develop their own critical views and
vision on specific works or composers. In this way, you help as a guiding hand for the whole department and its
associated artists. You will be offered all of the recognition at the Sponsor level, in addition to special acknowledgment for provision of the masterclass cyclus. You will also be offered the unique opportunity to observe the masterclass in action, and to interact with the guest artist presenter. Further engagement opportunities can be discussed and tailored to your intent.
At $125,000, you become a Virtuoso in supporting an entire department through providing a named Chair for a Master in residence. This incredible support means that 8 to 10 different talented youths will be able to work on
a regular basis with a renowned, established performer. Together, they will generate tailor-made programs that will
advance their artistic development. You will be afforded all of the recognition given at the Mentor level, in addition
to dedicated thanks in the naming of the Chair position. In addition, you will be invited for intimate performances
connected to the discipline at the Music Chapel and abroad, while simultaneously being invited for personal dinners
with the Master and associated artists. Further engagement opportunities can be discussed and tailored to your intent.

Supporting us is easy!

Even from across the ocean, individuals, foundations and corporations with a commitment to and passion for music can easily support the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel through a contribution to the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). Because KBFUS is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity, donors may claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by U.S. tax law for their contributions.
You may use any of the following ways to support us:
• Gifts by check:
Please make checks payable to KBFUS, including “Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel” in the memo line. Gifts may be mailed to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020.
Gifts by credit card: Please visit www.musicchapel.us/donate
Gifts of property, instruments or other items: Please contact KBFUS by email (info@kbfus.org), or by calling (212) 713-7660.
As an American Friend of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, you will take on a unique role for our institution. Gifts at different levels will be recognized per the previous pages, and we likewise are open to discussions about tailored recognition packages as are appropriate for your contributions.
Regardless of your giving level, you will always be at home at the Music Chapel. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, affording you the opportunity to see first hand the incredible impact that our institution has on the development of young artists. You are always free to contact us and let us know you are coming. We would be honored to organize a private tour of our studios and grounds, and to introduce you to the talent you will be lucky to find within our walls.

Joining the Music Chapel in this way is an opportunity to be closely connected to the evolution of our artists and institution. Your generosity will make all the difference and will allow us to achieve our goals, preserving a cultural heritage through the concept of individualized transmission.

american-friendsWith the support of Faircom & KBFUS

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