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Partitura – Music Chapel & Maria-João Pires

One thing we can say about music is that we can do our best to grasp it and teach it, but there will always be one thing missing this way – grace – the unexpected miracle which gives music its true worth. This ‘je ne sais quoi’ is what drives the composer to compose. It is grace which invites the musician- body and soul- to master his instrument and deepen his understanding. It is grace which attracts music lovers to come to concerts, to be part of a precious and unique event: the communication of this certain something, which is part of everyone’s make-up. The requirement for this ‘transmission’ is not only aesthetic, but ethical: music, like all art, is part of the mystery that shapes humans.

Many schools and conservatoires exist to simply analyse and teach music, but this transmission is of quite a different nature. The constraints linked to developing a career are hardly favourable: the dynamic of exams and competitions involves rivalry and glorification of oneself, and this greatly risks turning the musician away from this subtle dimension, so delicate to get close to. Everyone knows one can only harness grace.

It is in response to this issue that Maria João Pires launched the Partitua project. It is all about creating favourable circumstances for transmission, by encouraging reciprocal listening between generations: proposing well-known musicians to foster young musicians, to invite them (as the name suggests) to share the concert platform. And it is precisely then that this miracle is accomplished, in the presence of an attentive audience, combining interpretations and in one moment traversing space and time.

Aiming to thwart the harmful effects of the ‘star-system’, to discover the potential of the upcoming generation, to offer a new perspective on the function of music and to deepen the sense of this concert ritual, the Partitura Project and the Chapel provides a unique launch pad, along the same lines as its high expectations and aims. It is about rising to the challenge- for a music school, a composer, a musician, even for everyone in the audience: it is about awakening that sound which can easily escape us, but which gives us all meaning.

Partitura artists:

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