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Young artists

The Music Chapel sets no minimum age for the admission of exceptional students to most of its programs.

Artist Diploma

The Artist Diploma of the Music Chapel is an advanced (“graduate level”) non-degree program. It provides focused studies for young artists in the pre-professional stages of their careers. Qualification for this program rests exclusively on the level and quality of performance and/or achievement rather than on the attainment of specific academic credentials. Nevertheless, most entrants will have completed their formal music education at a music conservatory or an equivalent institute of advanced music studies. The Artist Diploma program varies in length from two to three years.

Young artists must be invited to continue their studies into the second and third years. Under exceptional circumstances, a young artist may be invited to continue his or her program for an additional year, after having obtained the Artist Diploma.

Limited enrollment to this program enables the Music Chapel to be highly selective at auditions.

Associated Artist

An Associated Artist is an artist who, having obtained an Artist Diploma, wishes to remain in close contact with the Chapel. Pursuing an active career, the Associated Artist can benefit occasionally from the advice of the Masters in Residence or invited artists, from the support of the Chapel. At the request of the institution, he or she can also take part in artistic projects.

Access: upon invitation by the Chapel

Conditions: full scholarship (12,000 €)

Final examination dates

For all sections: from April 2015

Dates will be confirmed during the year

Artist Diploma final recital

The final evaluation of the Artist Diploma takes the form of a one-hour recital whose program has been entirely chosen by the artist, in accordance with his or her personal artistic project. The form and program of the recital will be proposed by the artist at least six months in advance. The project must be approved by the relevant Master in Residence and by the Head of the Artistic Department.

This project enables the artist to express his or her creativity and imagination. The artist can make use of special lighting effects, staging (insofar as possible in the new hall), screenings, etc. He or she can also include pieces of chamber music with guests the artist has invited.

The budget for the production of this project will have to be approved in the early stages if it is financed by the Music Chapel.

A specific communication campaign involving social media, invitations to agents, program planners, orchestras, concert halls and such will be launched on this occasion, enabling the artists to use this concert to showcase their talent.

On this occasion, the students will also have the opportunity to prepare a personal presentation file (including a demo, a biography, their artistic program and photographs).